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  1. The MVO's with 980 are pre-WW1 productions. Most are decorations without swords. The awarding for the colonies are with swords. Many pieces were then retrofitted with swords for WW1. The MVO production of the WW1 was marked with 950.
  2. Hello, the early piece is very fine. It would be interesting to see if it's marked 980 or 950, but through the fixation you won't be able to see it
  3. Unfortunately the picture is too blurred. The first medal can be a Medal of Bravery, a Rescue Medal, or a Medal of Civil Merit . On the policemans bar I see a MVK 3 with crown and swords
  4. Hello Marcus, it is a postwar production. I don't know the manufacturer. the medaillons look lik early Leser, but the cross and the swords are a new design. In my collection are three MVK's of this manufacturer.
  5. Hi, that is no bavarian Award, from which country is it? regards Andreas
  6. Hello, by order of the Bavarian Ministry of War from beginning of 1917 onwards, awards were only allowed to be made and delivered in gold-plated silver. The main reason for this was to save costs. In Prussia, the awards were changed to gold-plated silver much earlier. The Bavarian bravery medal was also issued silver-gilded. 20 grams of gold was worth a lot of money. With it you could already procure a lot of other armaments.
  7. Hier mit Bayerns Ministerpräsident Siebert zur Einweihung von NSV Anlagen 1938. Hellmuth steht rechts Ankunft der Saarurlauber in Aschffenburg 1934
  8. Hello Chris, the Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 47 is called: Infanterie-Regiment König Ludwig III von Bayern (2. Niederschlesisches) Nr. 47 The bavarian king was owner of this regiment and a few of its soldiers would be awarded with MVK/MVO
  9. In 1937, in my hometown of Aschaffenburg, the Dr. Hellmuth settlement inaugurated. As the Gauleiter of Lower Franconia, he was here with us on site several times. I should have a picture somewhere. In meiner Heimatstadt Aschaffenburg wurde 1937 die Dr. Hellmuth-Siedlung eingeweiht. Als Gauleiter von Unterfranken war er öfter hier bei uns vor Ort. Irgendwo müsste ich auch noch ein Bild haben.
  10. Hallo, hier habe ich die Abschnitte vergrößert. Folgende Truppeneintragungen sind zu finden: 15.9.1914 9. bay IR Rekrutendepot 10.12.14 10. Komp 9. bay IR ins Feld 27.1.15 ins Feldlazarett 12 Caumes 1.3.15 Ersatz / 9. bay. IR Genesendenkompanie 27.4.15 zum 4. bay. Reserve Infanterie Regiment Nr.4, 7. Kompanie 30.3.16 krank ins Kriegslazarett 3 XIV Armeekorps 30.4.16 Lazarett Schweinfurt 1.11.16 Ersatz / 4. bay RIR Genesendenkompanie 23.5.17 Ersatz / 4. bay RIR 2. Kompanie 30.5.17 Landwehr Infanterie Regiment Nr. 8, 3. Kompanie 5.11.17 zur bayr. Kriegslazarettabteilung 43 versetzt 19.12.17 LwIR 8, 3. Kompanie ins Feld 30.7.18 Ersatz / LwIR 8, 2. Kompanie 14.9.18 Freistellung zur Ablegung des Abiturexamens nach Freiburg, danach nach Marktbreit entlassen Beförderungen: 22.9.15 überzähliger Gefreiter 3.3.16 Unteroffizier Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse 2.3.1918 Verwundetenabzeichen 10.8.18 Hello, I've enlarged the sections here. The following troop entries can be found: 15.9.1914 9th bay IR recruit depot 10.12.14 10th comp 9. bay IR into the field 27.1.15 to the 12 Caumes field hospital 1.3.15 Replacement / 9th bay. IR convalescent company 27.4.15 to the 4th bay. Reserve Infantry Regiment No. 4, 7th Company 30.3.16 sick in the war hospital 3 XIV Army Corps 30.4.16 Schweinfurt hospital 1.11.16 replacement / 4th bay RIR convalescent company 23.5.17 Replacement / 4th bay RIR 2nd company 30.5.17 Landwehr Infantry Regiment No. 8, 3rd Company 5.11.17 to the Bavarian War hospital section 43 transferred 19.12.17 LwIR 8, 3rd company into the field 30.7.18 replacement / LwIR 8, 2nd company 14.9.18 exemption to take the Abitur exam in Freiburg, then released to Marktbreit Promotions: 22.9.15 surplus private 3.3.16 NCO Iron Cross 2nd Class 2.3.1918 Wound badge 10.8.18
  11. Hello, he was a NCO Bavarian Landwehr Infanterie Regiment Nr. 8 , Decorations EK2, woundbadge silver. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otto_Hellmuth
  12. One can only speculate here, as one does not know the history of the regiment. Maybe he showed a special bravery that wasn't enough for the MMJO, or he does the job of the regiment commander. For this he received another MVO award. Since he also had both EKs, he must have always been at the front. He died 1918 in action.
  13. The rank of the medal was dependent on the officers position, not the rank. Company commander, regiment commander, battalion commander, etc. In addition, with repeated awards, the higher level was awarded regardless of rank. The lower tier had to be returned if it was awarded in the same campaign
  14. 574 / 5000 Hello, here I have a nice photo from the 12th IR. There are some officers who were probably photographed after receiving awards. There are three bearers of the Bavarian. Military Medical Order can be seen. 2nd from the right is Dr. Bub. I cannot assign the other two because I have three names. Dr. Miller, Dr. Bortscheller and Dr. Ott. In the middle stands Colonel Policzka, who has received the MVO 3rd class crown swords. Can one of you assign other officers. On the far right in the back row there could be Major Sand (the man without a neck)
  15. I don't think Graf, that could be the letters Ph. for Philipp. Holn.....?????
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