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  1. One can only speculate here, as one does not know the history of the regiment. Maybe he showed a special bravery that wasn't enough for the MMJO, or he does the job of the regiment commander. For this he received another MVO award. Since he also had both EKs, he must have always been at the front. He died 1918 in action.
  2. The rank of the medal was dependent on the officers position, not the rank. Company commander, regiment commander, battalion commander, etc. In addition, with repeated awards, the higher level was awarded regardless of rank. The lower tier had to be returned if it was awarded in the same campaign
  3. 574 / 5000 Hello, here I have a nice photo from the 12th IR. There are some officers who were probably photographed after receiving awards. There are three bearers of the Bavarian. Military Medical Order can be seen. 2nd from the right is Dr. Bub. I cannot assign the other two because I have three names. Dr. Miller, Dr. Bortscheller and Dr. Ott. In the middle stands Colonel Policzka, who has received the MVO 3rd class crown swords. Can one of you assign other officers. On the far right in the back row there could be Major San
  4. I don't think Graf, that could be the letters Ph. for Philipp. Holn.....?????
  5. The gold military medical medal is very rare. I am only aware of 26 awards of the gold medal for the period from 1812 to 1849. I don't know whether the uniform belongs to a military doctor, but he doesn't wear shoulder boards either.
  6. Hello, possibly the second award is the golden Militär-Sanitäts-Ehrenzeichen not the bravery-medal. His rank is a officers rank and the braverymedal was a non-officer award.
  7. He got only the Jubilee-Medal 1905 For the China-campaign he got the China-medal for combattants.
  8. The MVO is a third class with swords, awarded 12 Sept. 1917, so it should be silver-guilt. I miss the Eiserner Halbmond. All decorations of the bar are equal to the ancestry database
  9. Walter is 100 % right. You've got a fake. Your first class with swords from Leser is also not a original. Compare the letters of the medaillons to the cross from Walter . The cypher "L" won't be made of gold. This classes of MVK are often faked. Regards Andreas
  10. Hello, third place won't be a foreign order like austrian. Possibly Jubiläumsmedaille bavaria. At the 4th is a Hausorden of Hohenzollern, 5th a hanseatic award.
  11. Until May 16, 1915, a total of 12 medals were awarded to soldiers of the 15th IR, so almost all medal holders must be.
  12. There are different dates for the medal for bravery. Act date, day of award, day of publication in the prescription sheet. The soldier was then honored on such occasions.
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