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  1. Hi Nick, and thanks for the response. The kanji are so faded -- it looks like someone tried to polish them and the original color is mostly gone. I think I see traces of gold, though. If they were silver, what would that indicate; a more precise date of manufacture? I'm giving this to a friend who collects Japanese medals .... will it be a good present? It cost me $20 as I recall. Thanks, -- Guy
  2. Hello Nick, With respect, the katakana is accurate: フールノン [fuurunon]. ヲ is the katakana for the particle "wo"; today the hiragana for the particle を is used. I really appreciate reading this entire page. I recently bought a 4th class tamatebukuro, but it is in poor condition without the insert and the ties have been replaced. Now I know what it is. I suppose it will make a good jewelry box! (^__^) Cheers, -- Guy Power
  3. The flag is named to Kanemura Okiue 金村興植 I'm not 100% certain about the given name's pronunciation "Okiue". --Guy
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