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  1. Sorry my friend but I believe it is the Korean Grand Order of the Golden Ruler, although Plum Blossoms is similar the center is plum purple around it, I'll get the Korean name for it tomorrow as it is in my records somewhere. this isn't my photo it is taken from online but this is plum's star: and Grand Order of the Golden Ruler's star is:
  2. Yes it is true, but that is how you have to replace most quartz pieces' batteries. Especially vintage as it can sometimes get picky in changing them. Metal tools can short the battery, it causes an electrostatic discharge and cause the connection to be terminated, necessitating a new movement That doesn't mean we can pick up any old plastic tweezers, they have to be electrostatic discharge safe. Plastic itself can also cause a discharge depending on what it has been mixed with to produce it. So no fingers, or metal tools. Good watchmaking plastic tweezers. Plastic or Bamboo tweezers (I've always used plastic), there are guys that change them with gloves (handling them with gloves) but I'd avoid doing that, if your hand is too large it will knock something out or worse squish your battery.
  3. Its been a while for me but just wanted to say what beautiful timepieces the movement inside is a bit over designed for the time and harder to maintain but still a wonderful example of the early quartz movements.
  4. Been a bit busy with life so please excuse my delay, I believe these pieces that you both (Alpha and Obi) own are French or Swiss. The reason is fairly simple, the piece we are refering to as Belgian from Car and Muhic, the Pires is not Pires. From talking to a couple friends here that collect Belgium orders/medals, is that Pires never made Serbian orders/medals so this could have been sold by him or the box was added later for the book's version. On top of this the same icon St. Sava as from the book, I'm fortunate to own two a 5th (sold by Alpha thank you again my friend) and a 4th class. I did a thread on them here, the 4th class has a clear French punch mark, so we can safley assume these types of St. Sava's are French. For both your pieces I would likley assume them being eiher French or Swiss. Hopefully we can obtain ones like yours with punch marks, hallmarks or similar to say for certain.
  5. Beautiful collection and thank you for sharing it with us. Have you had a chance to research the recipients of any of the orders?
  6. Rogi


    These are the only ones i know they are French Order of the Academic Palms Officer and Knight, they uploaded the wrong way wanted to put the knight first unless this is only one piece, then it is Officer hehe post another topic on the French forum for better assesment on originality.
  7. if its a vet organizations you'll need to find an expert here that could help. Maybe post in the German section of the forum that deals with this. It looked like someone folded the Irons Cross ribbon to me, but lots of things carry these colors
  8. Lol if I went for a helo/aircraft it would probably be those used mi-24 or the albanian mig-15 ( I think they were selling the 15s at 30k?) although, that alvis stormer is cool i'm sure they could part the Sea Kings out for parts and make more, there is a guy here that takes helo engines and converts them onto trucks and tractor trailers lol amazing at car shows.
  9. If we weren't planing to retire the Sea King here in Canada, I'd say that they would retire the helos into Canadian service hehe
  10. Beautiful Work on the piece and I'm sure he will love it and cherish it forever
  11. How did you find space for Big Bertha? Hehehe Eagerly awaiting your new addition
  12. Some look so good its scary, thanks for posting them Paja !
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