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  1. Thanks to the judges and all of the entrants! And congrats to all of the winners!

    Just one remark, I think that the competition would be even better if one new rule was introduced - Photos that already won prizes in the previous competitions can not be used again. I am not a big fan of restrictions and bans but to me personally it's not that interesting when exactly the same photos win the prizes over again. Of course this is just my opinion and I hope that I will not offend anyone.

    Totally agree here :D

    It'd also be nice if there was a "viewers poll" for those who didn't place in the categories :D

    Similar to what we do in model aircraft competitions it creates a nice 1,2,3 for who viewers liked in the categories :)who didn't have a chance to place.

  2. Rick was a true friend and a shinning example of what a true researcher and collector was. He valued pieces for their history and not their price value. Every piece was priceless to him. His aim was to further everyone's knowledge and helped many many members find missing recipients to their bars. He always gave his vast knowledge to the forum and was an outstanding member of the community, a true Legend :)

    I will greatly miss his discussions on the forum and over private messages, I count myself very fortunate to have known him, even for a little while after his return. He was a true friend to me and fellow collector.

    Rick now has access to any historical figure up in heaven :)

    Thank you Rick for the wonderful memories you will always be in our thoughts.

    Rest in Peace my good friend. My condolences to his family.

    Igor Kabic

  3. Thats horrible news :(

    My blessings to you and your family, although we've taken lots of advances in the fight with cancer it still isn't there yet for some forms, and other times its the time when it is initially diagnosed, the earlier diagnosis the easier it is to battle.

    I am sure he is at peace now, and that he has no more hardship in the Kingdom of Heaven :) No matter what religion you beleive in, be it Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or others, we all seem to have universal beliefs in a better place or an afterlife, whichever place you beleive in, I'm sure hes residing and enjoying his life there.

    With Regards,


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