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  1. Hello Gentlemen. I am trying to research an RAF officer with service from the Gulf war to Iraq. His medal group consists of: · Gulf War Medal · GSM – Air Operations Iraq clasp · NATO – Former Yugoslavia clasp · Iraq Medal · Queen’s Coronation – Golden Jubilee · Queen’s Coronation – Diamond Jubilee The 3 campaign medals are all named the same: SQN LDR M D GREEN RAF I have had no luck finding anything on this officer online. If someone can give me some direction in researching this officer I would appreciate it. Also, his rank on the Gulf and Iraq medals is the same. Is it unusual to hold the same rank in the RAF for so long? Ten plus years? Regards, Doug
  2. Hello, I am new to the club. I am putting together a display for a RN LSGC medal to a Royal Marine who was killed at Gallipoli. He was attached to the RND Portsmouth. What would the correct cap and collar devices be? Would there be shoulder insignia, RM or RMLI metal tabs? I have researched, but am confused with all the variants I see. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Doug
  3. HI all, Picked up some German patches, flags and badges in an auction lot. I am not a collector of German material, but found this to be an interesting piece and did some research on it. Came across this great thread. Thoughts on it being an original piece will be welcomed.
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