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  1. Hello Both valour medals are very good. The civil one is quite interesting. 👏
  2. Hello. Recently a document has been found in the State Archive of Turin. It is a report from Lamarmora (the commander of the Sardinian Army) with many details about the expedition, including the number of medals given to the soldiers. The Navy is NOT included in the report. In this report a total of 14198 British medals is recorded. Moreover, it is possible to read that 4316 Sardinian medals were given. This last figure has been an enigma for a very long time. Here are the table with the numbers and the picture of the Sardinian Crimea medal, quite scarce
  3. Hello. This cross was made in the twenties for the combatants of the First Army. It was a private coin, made by Pozzi (Torino), similar to many others issued for funding veterans associations. Also for the First Army, the following cross is far more common : http://www.faleristica.it/display/210.jpg
  4. Hello This cross is so common that the price of the ribbon (let's say 5 E) is quite the same than the cross+ribbon. I guess that you will pay more for the delivery Regards Claudio
  5. These stars are exactly the same of my father's WW2 ones. I don't know if during WW1 they were made in the same way, i.e. with screws. The stars I had in the 80's did not have the screws any more. Both officials and troop use stars, these were for troop.
  6. The orders were usually made as jevellery objects, unlike the ordinary medals. There can be a manifacturer mark or not. The box for sure is appropriate. The order is not related to the wars, so your question about WW1 or WW2 is not correct. Having the knots made of thin wire, you can guess it is a late production (after 1930). The Suscipj jewellery was established in 1825, as you can see from this invoice dated 1896 and this ad of early 1900
  7. The date for the civil valour medal is 8 7mbre 1905 = 8 september 1905 Both are very good items
  8. This is the best available book about unofficial Italian crosses http://www.faleristica.it/cover/3.jpg
  9. The info is correct. The original ribbon was black. However, since these crosses were NOT official awards, the ribbon was not fixed by any rule.
  10. The cross was made in 1924 for the VII Army Corp (Gorizia). Made by Stefano Johnson (Milano), ribbon half white, half blue. On the backside the words FU COME / L'ALA CHE NON / LASCIA IMPRONTE / IL PRIMO GRIDO / AVEVA GIA' PRESO / IL MONTE, from Gabriele D'Annunzio. I don't know the medal, but for sure it is again for Gorizia
  11. Here is a picture dated 1855 with the new shape of the order http://www.faleristica.it/display/328.jpg
  12. Here you find some, sold in Italian auctions. First half of XIX century
  13. Can't answer. All those prices seem to me much too high. The cross is beautiful, but for a XIX century one you should expect to pay 2K or less - and they are quite scarcer than this one!
  14. Hello everybody Here are the pictures of an order given to an Italian pilot in 1940. I know nothing about it, could anybody help me? Thanks in advance
  15. Hi Zook my field is medals only, I know some names within that environment.
  16. Actually it is not a private purchase: the medal (probably) IS the one given to the men by his commander, simply there were not official mint medals for all. In this cases, the names on the back were written by the soldiers when at home. I have no news about your question.
  17. The medal seems a private replica, since I can't see the "Z" mark of the royal mint. However, since the medal was given "sul campo", it CAN be the real one. Furthermore, the official date for the medal is 1947, as you can see in my previous post. This means that the medal should have the Republican image, instead of the Savoia's arm. Quite often in these cases it was offered to the person to change the medal, and usually they refused, even in the case of having a true gold (republic) medal instead of a gilt (kingdom) one.
  18. M.M. stands for Marina Militare P.M. for "puntatore mitragliere", one of the specialities for gunners
  19. http://decoratialvalormilitare.istitutonastroazzurro.org/docs/m-bronzo tomo_3/BRONZO_TOMO 3_00000921.jpg The Istituto del Nastro Azzurro set up a database for all the people receiving a Medaglia al Valor Militare. The link above gives you the page for Silvano Gaiardoni
  20. Hello everybody. I'm proposing not the medal itself, which is the well known Sacchini's version with its envelope, but the temporary authorization to use the medal. This document is not very common, since it was always changed with the official diploma as soon as possible. It is just a small piece of paper, dated 1928 from Perugia in this case.
  21. Here is the comment to your picture given thru the "Miles" forum by the user "Epocadellamemoria": Bella foto. Suppungo sia già evidente che si tratta di un sergente dei mitraglieri (probabilmente St.Etienne). Posso solo aggiungere che la 2150^ Cmp Mitragliatrici fu istituita ne gennaio '18 alle dipendenze della 53^ Div. (2° C.A.) per poi operare da marzo con la 66 Div. del 27° C.A. in zona Grappa - Piave, dove si trova da giugno praticamente fino alla fine della guerra. Sarebbe interessante sapere la data della foto. Dalla vegetazione potrebbe essere primavera. (Nice picture. I presume it's clear he was a m.g.sergeant, probably StEtienne [Italy had two m.guns: St.Etienne and FIAT, using two different collar tabs; both had three white stripes, one over blue background, the other red]. I can only add that the 2150th mg company was created in january 1918 under the 53rd division (second corp), then under 66th div (27th corp) since march it was in the Grappa and Piave area, up to the end of the war. It could be interesting to know the date of the picture, probably it was in spring)
  22. The writing is easy: Affettuosi saluti Ecco i monti dove passo i bei giorni della gioventu'? (Loving greetings Here are the mountains where i spend the beautiful days of the youth) The question mark at the end could be a bitter humor remark. About the shoulders: I asked for help Regards
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