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  1. George, unfortunately if it's not named there is no way to research/trace by the number on it. Let's see some pics of it. Fritz
  2. Thanks, the 89 is one my favorites as well as the other 89 I posted earlier, the Cav saber was one that I came across a few months ago, even though it's a 1920 reissue it's still a scarce one IMO. Fritz
  3. Here is my cavalry saber dated 1915 on the spine , reissued in 1920, they hashed out the unit on the hilt but left it on the scabbard , they still match, you can make out the stampings on the hilt. Fritz
  4. Thanks Jock, I thought about posting it there but since it's for a imperial gaurd regiment I thought I'd post it here instead to maybe get some info on it or find some other examples, really haven't been able to find anything similar to determine a possible value too. Fritz
  5. Thanks, if anyone can help me ID the name and point me in the right direction to possibly research him would be greatly appreciated. Fritz
  6. Here is one of my imperial swords, deluxe hilt with triple engraved named blade by E. Pack and Son, not sure who the name on the blade is but must have been someone of importance and wealth for a sword of this caliber IMO. Fritz
  7. Hello all, this was a recent find, haven't been able to find any information or other examples like this anywhere, anyone ever see a similar one or know anything about these? It was presented in 1934 and is 830 silver by the firm HJ Wilm Berlin. Fritz
  8. I was messing around with the camera and lighting and took these pics of the gold one I own, much better than my scanner. Fritz
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