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  1. I would be interested in fuselage codes also, the ones I have are: He 59: 522, 526, 529, 71-3 He 60: 60-3 ?Luis Cellier? Ju 52 See: 527, 577 If you've got any others, I'd like to know cheers
  2. That's just it - I don't have a Christian name... I am pretty sure, though, he was connected with KuFlGr 906, perhaps even it's CO from late '41 till the Stabs disbandment in mid '42
  3. Sorry - I didn't realise it was such a major family. I'm trying to find out whether a Hptm. von Bulow who was in the Luftwaffe at least as of 1942 is related to General Friehher von Bulow of WWI. Unfortunately I have no more information than that to go on. It is the Hptm v.Bulow (1942) that I'm primarily interested in, hence my question about Gen. v.Bulow and any male offspring. I was hoping they would be connected and someone might be able to supply DoB and christian names (possibly even fates) of any siblings TIA Adam
  4. Hello, Can someone tell me whether this officer had any sons that went into the military - specifically the Luftwaffe. If so, who they were and what they did. Many thanks Adam
  5. Thanks Simon, I have ended up ordering copies; though at US$68 a pop its a rather expensive way to cure my curioisty!
  6. Hi Simon, Actually, I did mean KuFlGr Stavanger. I've not heard anything about the unit but apparently NARA holds a copy of the KTB for the unit. The only thing I can think of it being is a mix up with FlFu Stavanger and an extension of that somehow. I've never come across it as a unit before and was interested to know just what it was that the NARA files refered to. regards Adam
  7. Sal, I'm trying to track down the WNr's of the seaplanes that were sent to Spain (He 59, 60 and 115). My research is for something specific and not models. Any help you could offer would be great. regards Adam
  8. Gentlemen, Does anyone know if there has ever been a list of all aircraft and their WNr.s that served with the Condor Legion produced? I am especially interested in those aircraft that served with AS/88 - the maritime unit. Likewise, the operational files for the Condor Legion must have existed at one time or another; does anyone know if the still do exist - and if so, where? Best regards Adam
  9. Thanks for the heads up on the sources. Also, my bad, I'm not sure where my head was earlier... it was Rudolf Lahs who left the navy in Sept. 1929 to become head of the RDLI. According to Hooton, Phoenix Triumphant, p.59 the guy took over Gruppe BSx with the rank of Kapitan zur See in 1925 regards Adam
  10. Thanks, Rick. very much appreciated! Unfortunately I don't have access to the source you site I don't suppose there is much on Faber's successesor, Lahrs? I know he left the Reichsmarine in September 1930 to take up a post in a civilian firm, but his aviation record before that (ie, before Gruppe BSx) I am unaware of. Any chance on a brief sketch on him? No need for such a detailed response this time round - am just curios regards Adam Thompson
  11. Can anybody supply any info in this guy, beyond that he was a former staff oficer and Flottenabtielung Referent f?r Seeflugwesen in the post-war Navy? I've been unable to find any bio info on him - including his first name. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated Adam
  12. Nice documents! If memory serves, FFS 14 was closed sometime in November 1944 (I could be wrong). In fact, I would dare say that there were no operational FFS schools left operating by May 1945. It would interesting to see the last page of his log book to see how often he was flying and if the aircraft (WNr.'s) appear anywhere else in the log book. That way it might be easier to discern what he was doing and who he belonged to regards Adam
  13. That would be very much appreciated, thank you. I look forward to anything further you can add to the topic
  14. Gentlemen, I was wondering if anyone out there new specific details on either of these two units. I have not come across anything detailing what types of aircraft they flew or when and for how long they were operational or even who their commanding officers were. Michael Holme's wonderful site does not, unless I'm mistaken, mention either of these units. All I know is that KuFlGr Krim used the Verbandkennzeichen 6M while NARA holds several weeks of KTB entries for KuFlGr Stavanger (living in Australia, access to these files is nigh impossible). Any further clues on these two mysterious units
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