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  1. Gents, I would like to find documents awarding officers of the 96th Infantry Corps of the Soviet Army (Legion of Merit). Does anyone have information? Or tell me please where to look? Regards, Yuryy
  2. Gents, Chanyshev Yakub Dzhangirovich_Чанышев Якуб Джангирович, Commander of the 96th Rifle Corps, Legion of Merit, degree Commander Regards Yuryy PS - https://ru-wiki.ru/wiki/Проект:Награды/Списки/Советские_кавалеры_ордена_«Легион_почёта»
  3. It is good that the buyer is from the States. That's right. I think that Clarence R. Huebner is the pride of the nation. One of the first people.
  4. No more than yes ... American party gave lists, additionally, in some cases - citation. As an example below order N93... ... I would like to know - how it was Regards, Yuryy PS - google interpretation КОТНЕЙ Х. ХОДЖЕС ВИЛИЯМ Б. КИН ЧАРЛИ Е. ХАРТ Ж. ЛОВТОН КОЛЛИНС КЛАРЕНС Р. ХЮБНЕР ЕМИЛ Ф. РАЙНХАРДТ ТЕРРИ ДЕ-ЛЯ М. АЛЛЕН ПИТЕР С. ХАЙНС Ш. ТРУМАН С. ТОРСОН РОБЕРТ В. ВИЛСОН KOTNEY H. HODGES WILLIAM B. KIN CHARLIE E. HART J. LOVTON COLLINS CLARENCE R. HUBNER EMIL F. REINHARDT TERRY DE LA M. ALLEN PETER S. HYNES S. TRUMAN S. TORSON ROBERT W. WILSON
  5. ...If possible on the forum, link Regards, Yuryy https://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/gen.-clarence-r.-huebner-s-badge-and-medal-groupi-0F64A728D0?fbclid=IwAR0EhdkEEEr1AuwDKnsDAQTC9HGkV4Yv3pVekUdndK4rTlWUBDANYs26K5Q
  6. I know the part decrees and orders for awarding military US personnel. This is (Указ ПВС СССР) Decree of the PVS of the USSR 05/13/1945, 255 / 382A 05/13/1945, 255 / 382B 05/13/1945, 255 / 382V 07/07/1945, 255/470 02/18/1944, 108/605 04/14/1944, 266/605 Regards Yuryy PS Interest - to see photo / video of the award ceremony
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