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  1. freddy22

    Tanto help red

    Hi, Thanks I thought that it was earlier having problems uploading photos here's the other side, Here's the other one.sorry about the chopped photo.
  2. HI, Thanks to all for there help, the medal is marked wco ?950 and 900 on the swords, am I correct that the wuttenberg order is real gold certainly do's not appear to be plated.The other case /boxes are for ? the mvo fits in 2 of them but has no lid decoration ,and imo the ik1 case is a 1870 version. Thanks Freddy
  3. freddy22

    Tanto help red

    Hi, Need a little help with 2 taunts iv, e turned up only photos I have at the moment ,camera problems? I've come up with nagamitsu on one and mitsunaga on the other am I even close and any more info much appreciated will take more when I can.,can only upload this one at the moment. thanks Freddy
  4. Hi, Thanks for the fantastic information, couldn't ask for more .looks like 950 G.H. here are some photos of the medal I think you mean. Thanks Freddy
  5. Hi, Besides the name on the hanger I was told he was a Major but I assume the the last recipient,So is it possible that the Hauptman you found was a Major in WW2 and the earlier 1870 items to a older member of the family's the chain with the minis is not the same as the ww1 medals?perhaps they belong to the other side of his family. Thanks Freddy So could be Grandfather from one side of the family and Father and son from the other, are there any known Pickels in WW2. Thanks Whats the first part of the inscription looks like another name, best I can make out is R.Schulein. gl [intertwined] 3.I.Lbf. E.Pickel gl[intertwined] Ostern 35
  6. ww2 items with group ,another man? or the ww1 man early 1st type SA sports badge in gold.
  7. 1870 button hole, the star is by a Constantinople maker have the case for it as well as a couple of other boxes/cases Hi, Hi, 1st and 2nd class minis and a 1870 1st clasp box and possible pin. Box for Gallipoli star, A 1870 Ik1 ? and 2 others
  8. Hi, Help required ,new here so please be very kind to me. This medal bar is part of a family group that I have just obtained,the wuttemberg cross has a little damage the cross is swinging by one ring, should I have it repaired ,the reverse has some damage as well as it had fell off at some time ,enamel and the cyber are both damaged.Have a lot more to show from this group but not sure if all to one man I assume to two different ones ,perhaps father and son? Thanks for any help Freddy The name of the recipient can be seen on the back of the hanger ,I was also given the same surname with a different initial, Major W.Pickel born fthdorf bei Nürnberg Thanks Freddy
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