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  1. Colours and the design of the eagle would suggest German, but the cross isn't shaped like any German - or Austrian - award I know...
  2. So sorry to hear that poor Elie was caught up in this horrific incident, good news at least that both he and his family are safe.
  3. Nice... it so happens that I decided to turn my eye to the DDR, and already have found a large number of images to add to my site. Fighting a bit with a correct order of precedence, though. Does anyone have a definitive one?
  4. Permit me a slight growl here... my father was a senior civil servant and received a knighthood. However, I join you all in applauding the award to Sir Tom Moore, well deserved. Once the story was picked up by the BBC just before Easter it caught everyone's attention and raised a massive amount for a good cause.
  5. It's the Order of Omar Torrijos Herrera, instituted on 14 December 1982.
  6. The best site covering Spanish ODM is Antonio Prieto Barrio's Condecarones. Here is the relevant page on the Order of Military Merit: https://www.coleccionesmilitares.com/medallas/texto/omm18751939.htm He only shows completely enamelled or totally 'naked' crosses, none with just the centre enamelled. However what both Barrio's work and that of Borna Borac (Barac, B. (2016) Reference Catalogue Orders, Medals and Decorations of the World: Part 1V Gold Book (P-Z). OBOL, Zagreb) suggest is that no cross, enamelled or not, had a plain reverse. For a cross of the period 1878-1931, wh
  7. Like several of you have said, even if such an award were to be authorised, it would be a nightmare deciding who ought to receive it. What about delivery drivers? What about teachers ensuring that at least some modicum of education is delivered online to pupils (and child-minding the children of those who have to work)? What about those of us stretching technology to its limits to make sure that university students can progress or graduate? What about this army of volunteers who have stepped up to help support those who are staying home? Maybe - shock horror! - this is finally a place for
  8. There could be space found on my server if you want...
  9. Quite nice, although I'm not too sure about some of your colour choices or that heavy red lettering which makes it hard to read the quite detailed information about the various orders you display!
  10. OK, Micke - let me know when you have decided what you would like to do. Do you have a competent 'webhead' amogst the membership?
  11. You know me too well, Lukasz! The only charge is the domain name registration (at cost, we're happy to handle the renewals, though).
  12. Hosting can be made available at no cost, if that would help. I own the server that my site, Antonio Barrios Condecoraciones and Lucasz Gaszewski's Ribbons site and his Polish Medal site live on, and there's room for another. Server runs Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP for the techies amogst us. If you have contacts within SFF, please ask them if they want to get in touch to discuss this.
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