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  1. Thanks Auke I guess we'll just have to wait and see what comes back from the archives. In 1942 he's shown as NKVD: оперуполномоченный ОО НКВД 256 стрелковой дивизии in 1944, it says SMERSH: оперуполномоченный ОКР СМЕРШ 256 стрелковой дивизии later in 1944 it says SMERSH again: ст. оперуполномоченный (?) ОКР СМЕРШ 256 стрелковой дивизии Then I have his officers id from 1967 where he worked for the KGB in Poltava... Seemed like an interesting guy, hope i can find out more
  2. ORAL ORDER OF THE CORPS HEADQUARTERS, SPOKEN TO, DECREE OF THE DIVISION HEADQUARTERS No.02 OF 18.1.45 By the oral order of the Corps commander, the divison, by 19:00 of 19.1.45 should be concentrated in the towns of Vvidzev, Pabianice and Ksaberuv. Due to the large movement of other units along the Division's royte, traffic jams were often forming on the roads, which delayed the Division's movement. Thereby the Division did not reach it's district by 19:00. Following the lead Regiment to it's concentration area – Shinrelpov, Petrokoza at 0:20 20.1.45 they reached the n
  3. According to the Combat Action Log book of the regiment, they describe the action that day as: The Regiment, at 8:00 made a route: Bentkuv, Chernocin, Tushin, Bogoyanitsa and Imerzadan to capture Pobianice. The Regiment and half of the 147th Mortar Regiment arrived at east Pobyanice at 17:30, leading the battle against small groups of enemy, moved to the north-east of Pobyanice, where they started a battle with a covering-group consisting of units of the “Hermann Goring” Tank Regiment and 302nd Artillery Regiment. As a result of which, up to 350 enemy soldiers and officers wer
  4. Award Card Order Booklet No.652913 1. Last name: Ol'ha 2. Name and patrionymic: Natan Yakovlevich 3. Rank: Guards Senior Sergeant 4. Gender: Male 5. Birthyear: 1902 6. Birthplace: City of Minsk 7. Party membership: Not a member 8. Education: Secondary 9. Nationality: Jew 10. Time in Red Army: From 1943 to 1945 11. Place of service at awarding: Senior Clerk, 55th Guards Cavalry Regiment, 15th Guards Cavalry Division 12. Place of work at present: URS, Central Defense Committee 13. Home address: City of Moscow, Small Meadow, Building 4/6 Apartment 15 14.
  5. Thanks SovPha 2 of his other citations aren't on Podvig (likely due to the NKVD/Smersh nature) but i have contact digging in the archives for more info on him. I'll create a thread when i hear back from them
  6. Hi everyone, Can anyone help with the the meaning of the word "заградслужбой" i've come across in a Red Star citation? Context is: "Товариш Лыско, являсь командиром взвода ООНКВД систематический посылался с бойцами в части дивизии на самые ответственные участки боев где успешно организовывал и руководил заградслужбой, борясь паникерами и трусами. Which is roughly, "Comrade Lysko, as Commander of a platoon of the Special Section of the NKVD was systematically sent with the fighters of the Division's units to the most critical areas of the battle, where he successfully orga
  7. Designation Serial Number Document Number Awarding Organization Order of the Patriotic War 2nd Class 92784 Order Book 140926 Decree of 13.3.1944 Medal For Combat Service 1778799 Temporary Certificate 163060 Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of 3.11.1944 Medal For Victory Over Germa
  8. Award Card 1. Last name: Shulga 2. Name: Fedor 3. Patrionymic Terentevich 4. Birthyear: 1916 5. Nationality: Ukrainian 6. Party membership: N/A 7. Joined the Red Army: 1944 Awards Order of the Patriotic War 2nd Class No 738452 074/N 30.04.45 72nd Rifle Regiment Private ???? Battery 707 Rifle Rifle Regiment, 215 Rifle Division Presented to Shulga Anastasiya Aksentevna – Wife Kiev Oblast Petrovsky Region Village of Orlovets 27.11.45, Booklet Number 847298 "Posthumous" Awa
  9. Before the war, Boris studied at military school. At the beginning of the war joined the army and served in the Baltic Fleet. He was demobilized in 1961. He worked in a munitions factory where he tested prototypes hovercraft for military purposes. ^ Boris with his Grandchildren Natalia and Olga Award Card Order Booklet 728786 Last name: Prokazov Name and patrionymic: Boris Aleksandrovich Rank: Petty Officer 1st Class Gender: Male Birthyear: 1918 Birthplace: Yaroslav Oblas
  10. You charmer Norm. Lol. Nice OPW Igor and a cool write up!
  11. Article 43 is being retired for medical reason. If I remember rightly 43, A was Hypertension. Cheers, Tom
  12. Very interesting! Will the BMs & CSM all be unnumbered pieces?
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