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  1. Guards Captain Fedor Pavlovich Dobrolovsky Senior Investigator - SMERSH - 9th Guards Rifle Division Award Card Order Booklet B 803052 Last name: Dobrovolsky Name and patrionymic: Fedor Pavlovich Rank: Guards Captain Gender: Male Birthyear: 1919 Birthplace: Vitebsk Oblast, Beshenkovichy District, Village of Khotensky, Bogryatsy Homestead Party membership: since March 1942 Education: Mid-level Nationality: Belorussian Time in Red Army: Since 11.1939 Place of service at awarding: Counter-Intelligence Section of the MGB, 9th
  2. The Osoaviakhim and "Ready for Medal Defence" chain badges are some of my favourites.
  3. 1. (SFS) Moscow Factory of Sports Signs. Also shown as ZFS and ZSZ through various renamings. http://gerbowiki.ru/wiki/GerboWiki:Клейма/5 The above wiki has a pretty comprehensive list http://phalera.ru/ru/manufacturer/index?country=1 This website also lists factories by location and each page shows details of their known marks. Picture of the full obverse and reverse could also help tracking down the manufacturers
  4. Thank you, it's one of my favourite things in my collection. As for why it's so damaged, I honestly have no clue. I have no pictures of him post-war that show his awards, so it's impossible to say if this was lost on his "Glorious path of combat", or whether one of his children/grandchildren were playing with his medals and lost in a field where it got ran-over by a tractor! I bought it Unresearched from someone who had no backstory about it, so I guess it will remain a mystery 🙂
  5. Here is one of my favourite awards I own. There is something special about damaged and destroyed awards that makes me treasure them that little bit more. Aleksandr Kuz'mich Bezyazykov Rifle Battalion Commander - Stalingrad Aleksandr Bezyazykov was born in 1916 in Krasnodar Krai. He enlisted in the Red Army in 1937 and saw combat at Lake Khasan. He was injured twice during the Great Patriotic War, and still he fought bravely from 1941 to 1945. Record card Order booklet nr. A-105052 1
  6. Here is an interesting Order of the Red Star awarded by decree in 1942 to Nikolai Semyenovich Gershon. By the time the Order was given out in 1986, he had changed his name to Nikolai Semyenovich Mikhlin. It's interesting to see that an award in the range of 3,700,000 was awarded by decree in December 1942. Mikhlin was living in Leningrad at the time his award was finally presented to him, not out in the wilderness, so his name change must have been the reason it took so long to get to him. Anyway, onto the research... Nikolai Semyenovich Mikhlin
  7. Captain Afanasiya Kondrat'evich Lysko Investigative officer of the Special Section of the NKVD, 256th Rifle Division On July 20, 1941, he was sent to the Moscow-Sofrino formation point, where he was appointed commander of a machine-gun company of the 256th rifle division of the 930th regiment. In 1941 he took part in the battles in the Kalinin region, the liberation of the city of Kalinin, where he was wounded in the stomach. He took part in the battles for liberation of the Smolensk region. When the blockade of Leningrad was broken in the area of the city of Shl
  8. Today I chanced my luck to try and obtain citations for documented awards to NKVD personnel that i was unable to obtain 4 or 5 years ago and to my surprise, all of them were now successful! When did these NKVD awards all get added? I'm excited that i can go back through all of my NKVD awards and finally get those citations. The ones i've managed to get so far have been super interesting. Cheers, Tommy
  9. Thanks Auke I guess we'll just have to wait and see what comes back from the archives. In 1942 he's shown as NKVD: оперуполномоченный ОО НКВД 256 стрелковой дивизии in 1944, it says SMERSH: оперуполномоченный ОКР СМЕРШ 256 стрелковой дивизии later in 1944 it says SMERSH again: ст. оперуполномоченный (?) ОКР СМЕРШ 256 стрелковой дивизии Then I have his officers id from 1967 where he worked for the KGB in Poltava... Seemed like an interesting guy, hope i can find out more
  10. ORAL ORDER OF THE CORPS HEADQUARTERS, SPOKEN TO, DECREE OF THE DIVISION HEADQUARTERS No.02 OF 18.1.45 By the oral order of the Corps commander, the divison, by 19:00 of 19.1.45 should be concentrated in the towns of Vvidzev, Pabianice and Ksaberuv. Due to the large movement of other units along the Division's royte, traffic jams were often forming on the roads, which delayed the Division's movement. Thereby the Division did not reach it's district by 19:00. Following the lead Regiment to it's concentration area – Shinrelpov, Petrokoza at 0:20 20.1.45 they reached the n
  11. According to the Combat Action Log book of the regiment, they describe the action that day as: The Regiment, at 8:00 made a route: Bentkuv, Chernocin, Tushin, Bogoyanitsa and Imerzadan to capture Pobianice. The Regiment and half of the 147th Mortar Regiment arrived at east Pobyanice at 17:30, leading the battle against small groups of enemy, moved to the north-east of Pobyanice, where they started a battle with a covering-group consisting of units of the “Hermann Goring” Tank Regiment and 302nd Artillery Regiment. As a result of which, up to 350 enemy soldiers and officers wer
  12. Award Card Order Booklet No.652913 1. Last name: Ol'ha 2. Name and patrionymic: Natan Yakovlevich 3. Rank: Guards Senior Sergeant 4. Gender: Male 5. Birthyear: 1902 6. Birthplace: City of Minsk 7. Party membership: Not a member 8. Education: Secondary 9. Nationality: Jew 10. Time in Red Army: From 1943 to 1945 11. Place of service at awarding: Senior Clerk, 55th Guards Cavalry Regiment, 15th Guards Cavalry Division 12. Place of work at present: URS, Central Defense Committee 13. Home address: City of Moscow, Small Meadow, Building 4/6 Apartment 15 14.
  13. Thanks SovPha 2 of his other citations aren't on Podvig (likely due to the NKVD/Smersh nature) but i have contact digging in the archives for more info on him. I'll create a thread when i hear back from them
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