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    Second Anglo-Afghan War 1878-80

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  1. Another favourite from my collection. This sword was made by Wilkinson and sold to a Lieutenant in the Royal Artillery just before he left for India. Within a few months he was in Afghanistan, seeing service in the Kurram Valley and action against the Zaimukhts at Zawa - as part of the first ever European force to penetrate this 'hidden valley', and seeing the brand new 'screw guns' in action for the first time.
  2. I thought I'd share some items from my Afghan war collection. It's not massive, but grows slowly when my limited funds allow. I'll start off with the largest part of the collection - and my favourite - the library! Not everyone considers books as part of their collection proper, but for me they are some of the most valuable (not necessarily just financially) things I own. It has grown a little more since I took this photo last year. I'll go into detail on some of the more interesting ones. A full list of what's in my library can be found here: http://www.angloafghanwar.info/sitestuff/bibliography.php (I apologise in advance if this thread also grows slowly - I'll add to it when time allows, but look forward to sharing it with you.)
  3. I knew you'd know it, Ed - almost felt silly saying it, but thought I would... just in case... That, and the Malalai medal, are very interesting indeed. Thank you for showing them.
  4. Two apologies: one, for my first post being a jump in here, and; two, for replying to an old post that Ed almost certainly knows the answer to by now, I'm sure. Judging by the symbol on the medal which is the Minar-i-Maiwand in Kabul, this will be Ayub Khan, the ambitious brother of Yaqub Khan who defeated the British at Maiwand, 27 Jul 1880. aka The Victor of Maiwand or The Afghan Prince Charlie. What a fantastic collection, Ed - wonderful. - Garen
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