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    WW1 British medal groups, casualty research and collecting. Particular interest in 15th London, Prince of Wales Own Civil Service Rifles. High Wood and surrounding areas of the Somme. Iron Crosses of all periods particularly 1914-18 silver marked rare attachments and engraved pieces. Always searching for crosses and other interesting engraved items from WW1.

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  1. Lovely piece Joel. Such a high quality screw back pattern and so nicely finished. Congratulations! Glenn
  2. That is a beauty. Seems I commented on it in 2008! My memory really doesn't stretch that far but my opinion hasn't changed. Thanks Eric. Glenn
  3. Thanks ccj. Yes clearly a few differences there. I'm intrigued to see if there's any markings on the pin when closed. Not easy to see from the angle its at but the pin appears quite similar. I shall certainly post more images once it arrives Eric. Do you have any pics of your CD style? Glenn
  4. I just managed to bag this one in my endless quest for engraved crosses. Haven't got it in the hand yet so these are the only pics I have. Appears to be the same maker I'd say? Coming with the receipt and box from Spinks Auction House from 1981 where it fetched the princely sum of £41. Having said that I started collecting EKs in the late 80's and could pick a belter up for that money. I do love personalised gift crosses like this one. Unit and date marked crosses are obviously researchable and who doesn't love them but I do have a real soft spot for this type of engraving as to
  5. This article fascinated me Chris, I'd never heard of them. I wonder how many have been sold merely as patriotic rings? That would be quite a find.
  6. Great little collection Chuck thanks for sharing
  7. Personally I'd be happy to buy this a a WW1 period made cross. There being a large variety of screwbacks made during and post war, it's a really nice cross Chuck. Thanks for posting Glenn
  8. Surprising there are few about. Same award criteria for all officers. Maybe it's possible that more female officers leave before the award length of service is reached. Don't have any statistics to offer on that one. Glenn.
  9. Mr Fischer, thanks for sharing your cross with us. I'm sorry that it appears to be a copy. Unfortunately copies theses days, if you've not seen the specific example before can be quite convincing. When I was first collecting crosses as a teenager, they were generally very obvious. Poor metals, no details etc. They are sadly much more convincing these days. In this case, the fake has been identified and discussed but there are new fakes appearing all the time so it's only with the knowledge of identified genuine crosses that you can detect that something is worth avoiding. It i
  10. I always enjoyed my correspondence with Mervyn. A sad loss and a genuine bloke.
  11. R.I.P Lemmy. Thanks mate.

  12. Thanks for this. Some really amusing cartoons and artwork. Well worth taking a look at..
  13. "The prevalence of intemperance in women". You can almost see the beak's face like some Spike Milligan character covered in dust! Don't suppose for one moment he considered that the wives of serving soldiers were under any sort of stress and needed to get a bit drunk to let off steam. Love these kind of old news stories.
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