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  1. Thank you very much Mr Chris Boonzaier - you are pointing me in the right direction. I appreciate
  2. Hallo - Can someone please assist with the correct identification of this patch ?
  3. I can only dream about this book. Very nice. Our exchange rate in South Africa is very bad. Amazon don't do shipping to us anymore. Thanks for showing what the book is about
  4. Hallo Andreas - thank you so much - I appreciate and now I see there is a beautiful GST metal badge as well. Thank you for your trouble
  5. Hallo I was given this jacket some years ago by a friend. I want to believe it is East German Army. The one photo shows the only tag in the collar and it says " K52" One photo shows the stencil mark on the inside pocket and the third photo gives a general view of the chest and pocket and shows the unidentified colour patch. Can somebody correctly identify it please ?
  6. Thank you Chris - my thoughts as well - but was not sure because of that blue "background" addition.
  7. This badge differs from the usual Pretoria Regiment - what is this ? Thank you
  8. Please help - is this badge South African or British - what era and was it Navy or Fleet Air Arm ?
  9. Hallo Normie - where can we buy this book in South Africa ? What is the price ? I have your two RSA Airborne books Thank you Joe
  10. Thank you so much Mervyn. This project is really slow and what I thought was an easy start - to obtain a full or complete list of all the RSA Commando's - seems almost impossible to get. But I will search for the e-mail address of Mr R Arthur and ask him if he can help me. Have a nice day and keep this site going please. Ice
  11. Hallo I am currently busy to compile a list of all the Commando Units. Also it seems that all the various units were under the command of a Group HQ. Can some-one maybe help me with a complete list as well as the structures of the various Groups.
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