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  1. Love the al valore militare!! You've got some lovely medals there....and of course, ti diamo tutti il benvenuto!!!! Regards Jim
  2. I do not think you can actually throw percentages. Very speculative to do so. Jim
  3. I suggest that you look at some of the research threads were you will find scans and translations of the documents. This will help you understand better what you are going to be sent. Sould you decide that you want to find out more, you can always request additional research. Regards, Jim :cheers:
  4. You can use the "more reply options" to eventually upload pictures directly on the forum. If you have any difficuilties PM me. I agree that this should be circa 1953 (or later). Using the Durov classification this should be a type 4, sub type 2, variant b. Its a type 6 variation 1 under the Mc Daniel Schmitt classification. It carries the Leningradski Monetny Dvor (Leningrad Mint) mark. What you have is probably a long service award or even worse....brace yourself....a civilian lenin. In terms of research, it may prove to be boring and not a fraction as prestigious as a real combat Lenin.
  5. A story some years ago about a tourist being held for trying to export an anniversary medal was enough to make sure that I always left Russia empty handed. And in any case, the dealer prices were prohibitive too, compared to what was more easiy accessible from outside Russia itself. As far as I know, the law prohibiting the exportation of soviet ODMs applies only to the Russian Federation and not to the whole of the former Soviet Bloc. Jim :cheers:
  6. So close and yet so far ... Will be back in June. Perhaps its worth the try! Was it possible to order the research there and then? I am there for two weeks.... Should be some 20 mins away by car (although I do not dare drive in Russia!) Regards Jim :cheers:
  7. My pleasure - we'll await the research results. Any more Soviet stuff to share? Jim :cheers:
  8. It was people who live there who told me to keep away I remember when visiting the CAF museum in Moscow I was discussing with my wife some very evident 'replacements' that were exhibited. Sure enough I was accosted by a younger museum attendent who asked how he could help me. I decided to refrain from passing other comments comments to avoid offending any one, or even worse drawing any negative attentions. Of course we all know what happened to Russian museums and how various items slipped through the doors to be 'replaced' with fakes, as the market for orders and medals opened up and bec
  9. And a commemorative plaque in Kiev: All above info courtesy of : www.warheroes.ru Regards, Jim
  10. And here is some information - you may want to use an online translator: Шутов Степан Фёдорович - командир 20-й гвардейской танковой бригады 5-го гвардейского танкового корпуса 38-й армии 1-го Украинского фронта; командир 20-й гвардейской танковой бригады 5-го гвардейского танкового корпуса 6-й танковой армии 2-го Украинского фронта, гвардии полковник. Родился 17 (30) января 1902 года в деревне Дворец ныне Бобруйского района Могилёвской области (Белоруссия) в бедной многодетной (8 детей) крестьянской семье. Белорус. Член ВКП(б)/КПСС с 1924 года. Трудился у помещика с 9 лет, с 19
  11. I think this is the man you are looking for: Шутов Степан Фёдорович 30.01.1902 - 17.04.1963
  12. Resurfacing....

    1. Mervyn Mitton

      Mervyn Mitton

      Jim - I sincerely hope that you will have time to post - you have been missed. Mervyn

    2. JimZ


      Thanks Mervyn. I have been really bogged down with work and travel! I will be making a bit more of an effort once again :)

  13. Guard booth from across the road - gateway to every reseacher's dream..... Regards! Jim
  14. Dave, Do you mean that you could actually ask for research up front. I've hovered around Padolsk archives a few times but was advised not to try to approach the archives themselves inquiring about reseach! I chose to do as I was told! I'll be back in Moscow in May/June so if it still possible to knock on their door, I could try to pluck up the courage to actually go to one of the guard booths!! Jim
  15. Hi Rogi, Thanks for the pics. You have an intact OGPW 2 (with undamaged enamel and original sickle and hammer). OGPWs (1 and 2) are very researchable and unless the recipient's file happens to be restricted, you should receive some interesting research for this Order. Expect it to have been awarded around July/August 1944 (give or take), so it should be a combat award. This OGPW 2 is beautiful as is, tarnish and all. Please do not try to clean it as wiping away such lovely patina will be a real pity. I'd gladly offer to take it off your hands as I happen to have all the serial numbers
  16. This is a thread that I like to refresh from time to time....and it usually results in some new information. Alas, I am unable to post any new photos as I have not had access to them. However for anyone who has the time to look through this thread and provide more information, I will be most appreciative....Uwe, Gordon, feel free to keep on contributing Jim :cheers:
  17. Hi Christophe, In fact I was very hopeful given that in 2011, there was much more participation - never as much as in previous years but there was potential to get things going for 2012. Unfortunately, some of us took this quiz way too seriously and dropped out along the way and those lost were never regained. I would love to see the quiz rolling once again, as I think this was an excellent initiative of yours back in 2005 - it generated lots of additional activity within the Soviet subfora. But perhaps there are just not as many of us left now as way back before the prices went totally
  18. As it seems like there is little or no interest in the quiz, other than that generated by the few participants who have joined in for 2012 and who have done their damndest to keep the ball rolling, and as a limited number of players further implies that even more effort is required by the handful taking part, I would daresay that the 2012 Quiz has already run its course. Since there have been no posts since Feb 17 other than mine which tried to attract new players, I think it is almost safe to call "time of death" on February 29th..... a date that you will realise will not appear in your ca
  19. Any new memeber who has not particpated in the quiz is free to join in and ask a question (rules on page 1 if you're interested) With the limited amount of players in 2012 and no new blood to take on and set new challenges, the ball will eventually, stop rolling.......! Will anyone pick up the gauntlet? Jim :cheers:
  20. Hi all, I am getting bogged down with work so for now my presence here is slightly erratic. I apologise for that. However Christophe keeps things running even when I am not around SCORE UPDATE: 15 points - Christophe 9 points - UB6365 6 points - Hauptmann 1 point - Lukasz Gaszewski Question 32 goes to UB 6365 Jim
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