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  1. It is unfortunate that medals do often get thrown out. It is a reality that people have different focusses and it may be a collector who appreciates them more than a family, or one family member who appreciates them more than the recipient or another family member. But at least you know they were there and have a chance to get the information on him. First, if he was in WW1 and served overseas he would have got the following: 1914/15 Star, if he served between 5 August 1914 and 31 December 1915. Likely for GSWA and still possible for GEA. From there he would have automatically qualified for these too: British War Medal if he entered an active theatre of war, or left the United Kingdom for service overseas, between 5 August 1914 and 11 November 1918, and completed 28 days mobilised service. So if in GSWA or GEA he would have got it too, or if he went to France he would have got it. Victory Medal if he was in a theatre of war. Now to find out more about them his unit would help, but you could try a researcher such as Dewald Nel (dewald@nelantiques.co.za) who may be able to help. I am not sure if you can search Medal Index Cards for South Africans but if you can then you can find his unit, if you can find his name, and hopefully there aren't too many identical names. Good luck! Ryan
  2. Sorry Mervyn (hello by the way) but this was NOT a named medal. The sad thing was that although there were only 17000 issued they were unnamed. There was a certificate with it, of which not many survive, but without it you can't tell who the medal was to. The prefixes you mention were found on the other South African medals such as the Italy Star etc. but not this one. So if you find such a medal it is meant to have a blank rim, it hasn't been erased. Cheers Ryan
  3. The roll for the Chinese LC is available in the National Archives. I believe Gregory James' book includes it: http://ww1centenary.net/2013/12/05/ww1-books-the-chinese-labour-corps-1916-20/
  4. Thanks for showing that DTD/MC Chris. I had speculated on such a thing but never knew there was one out there. Now I have an empty feeling in the collection! I recently saw a DTD/DCM, to Jordaan which I suspect you may have owned or at least posted on this site. I suspect it may be the only such combination? Given that officers were more likely to become officers again I feel this is possibly unique or close to it. We know there are DTD/DSO's out there. But could there be a DTD/MM? I doubt it, as the deeds to win an MM may be something generally left for younger people and the Boer officers were more likely to be older or officers in WW1. Still you have shown me something interesting with that DTD/MC today so thank you for that. cheers Ryan
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