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  1. Have a look here https://www.deutsche-gesellschaft-fuer-ordenskunde.de/DGOWP/bibliothek/digitale-bibliothek/ Navy is at the end
  2. I had a look at a scan of the battle clasp. I´m not really sure but it don´t look good to me. I compared the recipients of the BMVO 3x am Band für Kriegsverdienst with the guys who stayed at GSWA. There were two of them. One of them was also entitled to wear the KALAHARI bar but their medals don´t fit to this bar. Bernd
  3. In a few words some explanations to this issue. There were two different sizes of the medal just to make a difference between Germans and natives. A native couldn’t get the same medal as a German. The Emperor signed the deed of foundation on June 13th 1912. The first medals were issued in March/April 1913, the last in 1918. Everybody who was involved in one of the conflicts according the battle list had to apply for it. The only native soldiers who received the medal were Cameroon police troops for a conflict in 1912. No medals could be issued to natives for a conflict before Ponape 1910/11. This information’s were taken from German state archive. Bernd
  4. There is only a Hauptmann Buchholtz, IR 171, who got the MVO4x on 02 Aug 1915. Bernd
  5. Harald von Linde-Suden had to stay in DOA until 1918. He was wounded in 1916 and put into a POW camp in Tabora. In 1918 he return to Germany via Switzerland. As far as I know he did not receive an EK II, but I'm not sure about it. The clasp DOA 1912 was for two actions: 26.-27.3.1912 Expedition gegen die Wambulu 8.4.-20.5.1912 Expedition gegen Ndungutze und Bassebja in Nordruanda Both were carried out by the police troop. Bernd
  6. As every year. Second weekend in October, i.e. 10th and 11th October 2009. This years special exibition is about the German Colonial Commemorative Medal (Kolonial-Denkm?nze)
  7. I found this little ribbon bar. A nice combiantion. In second position must be a MEZ2.
  8. The wearer of this medal bar didn't like Seymour, too. Instead of wearing the Seymour clasp he prefered two clasps of battles within the expedition.
  9. Some swords on a black and white ribbon can be everything. This time it is the KrO3x. The bar belonged to Oberstlt a.D. Hans von Brixen gen. von Hahn. He received the KrO3x 1901. Major von Brixen was staff member of the eastasien expedition force. During WWI he was reactivated.
  10. Rick, Despite the fact the bar could be new, I really not sure about it, the combination is possible. At least the SMK together with the Prussian decorations.
  11. Somebody, out of France, is selling the same kind of strange clasps at ebay Germany. I don?t like to have any of these in my collection.
  12. There are only 60 for the clasp PEKING because only the defenders of the legation were eligible to wear it. Nobody else. From the III. SB 51 soldiers and 9 of the personal of the legation. Minus 12 casualties makes a total of 48. Benrd
  13. I am sorry, but what is this? A question or a statement? So you have a list with 251 Germans for the clasp PEKING and for the 512 participants of the Seymour expedition. Is this correct? As far as I know some of those were kia (killing in action) and 251 are a little bit too much for Peking!
  14. Paul, the Oldenburg cross and the cross for Kriegshilfe are not listed. The others are ok. Bernd
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