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  1. Hello Forum Members Topic on CD Cases/boxes continues Type IVa Issued Fall 2003, 500 white cardboard boxes and generic burgundy service medal boxes were issued as a temporary measure in the Fall of 2003 until the Type V case became available) Type V Issued from 2005-present, bearing a larger representation of the present version of the Royal Arms of Canada on the lid, 1949 Farrimngton Case The only box that I do not have in my collection is the one of the white cardboard boxes of the Type IV variant that the some CD' were awarded in the Fall of 2003, hopefully will come
  2. Hello Forum Members, First a big thanks to Jeff for the info and pictures of his latest CD group, a very nice addition to this post. As well, thanks for supplying the link to RCN's Crowsnest Magazine, and as I have many RCN CD's in my collection and it may assist me in my research for them. It keeping with the theme on CD's, today I wish to include pictures of the CD cases that the medal have been presented in since 1950. I will do this over two post as the pictures are to large to include in the one post "The origins of the CD case date back to 1946 when many Canadians were bein
  3. Hello Forum Members In keeping with the theme of Canadian Force's Decoration and it clasps, as I alluded in my earlier post. Around 1979 it by was decided DH&R that the CD clasp should be presenting in more formal ceremonial setting as as apposed to being mailed to the member. Therefor "a third version of the CD clasp was used for presentation purposes only and was issued from 1980 to 1989. In an effort to heighten the significance of the CD clasp, it was decided that it should be presented at the same parades where the CD was being presented. Due to the fact that the CD clasp is
  4. Hello Peter, Unfortunately am not aware as to what he did after his release from the CF. I do know that he enrolled prior to WW2 and was a commissioned Captain during he war years, but reduced back to the ranks in 1946, most likely due to the drawn down of personal following the war. It would be be nice to think that the authority would have been very considerate in giving him the CD in lieu of the EM bar, but alas not so, as DR&H is never that generous, due to his years service prior the war and the war years counting double toward the EM, he mostly has the 12 accumulated years
  5. Hello Forum Members Prior this tread being merged, they was a great discussion as to was there any Canadian Force members being award both a GVI Efficiency medal and the EIIR Canadian Force's Decoration. This was not a rare occasion as you may suppose, as there many examples of CF members earning the qualification time to be awarded both. I have in my collection a example of an enlisted soldier (WO1 (SM) Warren Victor Wells, Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps) and officer (Capt Warren Victor Wells, Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps), (both the same person). He was awarded his Efficiency Me
  6. Hello Forum Member's, The recent post by Jean Paul has reminded me that as I did ask the moderator to support me in creating this thread on the Canadian Force's Decoration, but I has been remiss in added any newer posts for a while. This post will correct this. As Jean Paul post alluded, the Christopher McCreery book on the Canadian Force's Decoration history is an outstanding reference book and it was written to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the CD. In my previous post I did mention there are no official records at any Government level as to CF service members who were awar
  7. Hello Forum Members, Have read with great interest forum comments about the eligibility of the Canadian Forces Decoration and the Canadian Efficient Medal being awarded to the same member. The short answer is yes and it not as rare occurrence as one would suppose. If you research the The Canadian Gazette Part 1 Statutory Orders and Regulations dated Wednesday May 24, 1950 where it clearly defines eligibility for the CD and as it applies to other previous Long Service medals. I have included only the portion of this regulation especailly para 8 for Forum member to peruse at their leisure
  8. Hello Brian & Peter Appreciate your consideration in this matter, hopefully other forum members will take advantage of this thread and let us know which Canadian Forces Decorations they have and maybe collectively we can assist each other in providing further information about the recipients, take care Gunney
  9. Hello Forum Members, Now that I have had a chance to peruse many of the posts in the forum and in particle those that relate to the Canadian Forces Decoration. I would like to and with the moderators support to use this topic heading and start a post dedicated to those collectors like myself who have a single or in a group of medals that includes a Canadian Forces Decoration(s) with the end state of identifying some information about the recipient. As I alluded to in my previous posts there is not, nor has there ever been a definitive list of the Canadian Forces Decoration recipient
  10. Hello Forum Members Just new to the Forum and now just getting a chance to read some of the posts and as the Canadian Forces Decorations are my collecting theme, I can provide some information on jeffskea original post on W.O.2 G.F. Finn CD, SC-90057 WO1 GF FINN awarded his CD on November 5 1951 SC-90057 WO2 GF FINN awarded his first clasp April 16, 1962 Most likely his 2nd clasp was awarded sometime in the early Spring April-May 1972, hope this helps Gunney
  11. Hello TacHel Unlike previous era's the CD is no longer automatically sent fron Ottawa to the members unit, but its is up to the member unit to request DH&R to send the medal and any only after the qualifying time has been fully completed for the medal or bars. Then the member's unit is suppose to have them sign for the medal or bar and this piece of paper goes into their Pers file. If one wishs to find out if a CF member has ever been awarded the CD he first must wait until the member is deseased or retires and then he can have the member researched in the archived data base held i
  12. Hello Forum Members, New to the forum and this is my first post. My main collection theme is the Canadian Forces Decoration and am hopeful a forum member(s) may be able to assist me with acquiring any rolls, list of names, etc, for the Canadian Force Decoration award. I do have a list of the names for the army CD roll for 1950-1964, but it does not include any Naval or Air Force CD's awarded during the same time period. The Library and Archives of Canada website allows some search but very incomplete, Would any one have any complete or partial list the CD for all branches of the service a
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