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  1. Hello Forum Members Topic on CD Cases/boxes continues Type IVa Issued Fall 2003, 500 white cardboard boxes and generic burgundy service medal boxes were issued as a temporary measure in the Fall of 2003 until the Type V case became available) Type V Issued from 2005-present, bearing a larger representation of the present version of the Royal Arms of Canada on the lid, 1949 Farrimngton Case The only box that I do not have in my collection is the one of the white cardboard boxes of the Type IV variant that the some CD' were awarded in the Fall of 2003, hopefully will come across one to add my collection. Interestedly the 1949 Farrimngton Case was used very briefly to award CD's in when they switch over from the Type I to Type II in 1958 (see pic for Maj Gorden Wyndham Bruce RCEME case in which he was awarded his CD in March 17, 1958) Keep the post coming, thanks and take care Gunney
  2. Hello Forum Members, First a big thanks to Jeff for the info and pictures of his latest CD group, a very nice addition to this post. As well, thanks for supplying the link to RCN's Crowsnest Magazine, and as I have many RCN CD's in my collection and it may assist me in my research for them. It keeping with the theme on CD's, today I wish to include pictures of the CD cases that the medal have been presented in since 1950. I will do this over two post as the pictures are to large to include in the one post "The origins of the CD case date back to 1946 when many Canadians were being invested by the Governor General with the Distinguished Conduct Medal, Distinguished Service Medal, Military Medal and the British Empire Medal. All of these medals were struck and named at the Royal Mint in London and shipped to Canada in cardboard cartons.Officials at the Department of National Defence and the Office of the Governor General felt that the plain cardboard boxes lacked elegance and were inappropriate containers for such significant honours. A brown leatherette case bearing a Tudor Crown in gold on the lid, and with a gold border, was manufactured by the Farrington Manufacturing Company of Toronto to house the medals. The “Farrington Box” as it became known served as the model for the CD case" There have been at least seven different known variants of the CD presentation cases/boxes produced over the years and they are as follows. Type I Issued between 1950 and 1958, bearing the 1921-1957 version of the Royal Arms of Canada on the lid Type II Issued between 1958 and 1994, bearing the 1957-1994 version of the Royal Arms of Canada on the lid Type III Issued between 1994 and 2003, bearing the present version of the Royal Arms of Canada on the lid Type IV Issued from July to October 2003, bearing the 1957-1994 version of the Royal Arms of Canada on the lid (2000 of these cases as well as 500 white cardboard boxes and generic burgundy service medal boxes were issued as a temporary measure in the Fall of 2003 until the Type V case became available) “ The Canadian Forces’ Decoration by Christopher McCreery 2010” Topic and pictures continue on page 2 Gunney
  3. Hello Forum Members In keeping with the theme of Canadian Force's Decoration and it clasps, as I alluded in my earlier post. Around 1979 it by was decided DH&R that the CD clasp should be presenting in more formal ceremonial setting as as apposed to being mailed to the member. Therefor "a third version of the CD clasp was used for presentation purposes only and was issued from 1980 to 1989. In an effort to heighten the significance of the CD clasp, it was decided that it should be presented at the same parades where the CD was being presented. Due to the fact that the CD clasp is sewn to the ribbon, pinning the bar on to the recipient was not feasible. A temporary CD bar design was developed that permitted “the presiding officer to execute the gesture [of slipping the clasp on] quickly, and in a manner to enhance the dignity of the occasion. The front of the clasp looks identical to the regular issue CD clasp, with the exception that there are no mounting holes drilled into the bar. The reverse is in the form of a hairpin that allows the clasp to be slid onto a lose ribbon. The temporary CD clasp was gradually phased out beginning in 1989. As court mounting of medals became more common and eventually mandatory throughout the Canadian Forces, the use of a temporary clasp that slid onto the ribbon became impractical” I have attached three pictures so as Forum members can see what this hairpin CD clasp looks like. Gunney “ The Canadian Forces’ Decoration by Christopher McCreery 2010”
  4. Hello Peter, Unfortunately am not aware as to what he did after his release from the CF. I do know that he enrolled prior to WW2 and was a commissioned Captain during he war years, but reduced back to the ranks in 1946, most likely due to the drawn down of personal following the war. It would be be nice to think that the authority would have been very considerate in giving him the CD in lieu of the EM bar, but alas not so, as DR&H is never that generous, due to his years service prior the war and the war years counting double toward the EM, he mostly has the 12 accumulated years needed to earn his CD in 1955. He might of been offered to receive the bar for the EM in 1952 and but as he was an officer as that time and may have not been entitled or he may of opted out and waited to receive the CD which had come into effect by that time Although he did receive his EM in 1946, his entitlement date was probably prior to that as I have know of many cases were CF members who have had the 12 years requires for their Efficiency medal and CD, but have waited many years before they receive them. Gunney
  5. Hello Forum Members Prior this tread being merged, they was a great discussion as to was there any Canadian Force members being award both a GVI Efficiency medal and the EIIR Canadian Force's Decoration. This was not a rare occasion as you may suppose, as there many examples of CF members earning the qualification time to be awarded both. I have in my collection a example of an enlisted soldier (WO1 (SM) Warren Victor Wells, Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps) and officer (Capt Warren Victor Wells, Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps), (both the same person). He was awarded his Efficiency Medal on 16 June 1946. In July 1949, he commissioned from the ranks and on the 26 December 1955 was awarded his EIIR Canadian Force's Decoration. The interesting thing about is that as the war years counted double time toward earning the Efficiency Medal and a further 6 years for a bar.(which he never received) My theory on this is that he either had sufficient accumulated time and/or as he had served a further 10 years and was entitled for a another long service award, hence the CD being awarded. Gunney
  6. Hello Forum Member's, The recent post by Jean Paul has reminded me that as I did ask the moderator to support me in creating this thread on the Canadian Force's Decoration, but I has been remiss in added any newer posts for a while. This post will correct this. As Jean Paul post alluded, the Christopher McCreery book on the Canadian Force's Decoration history is an outstanding reference book and it was written to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the CD. In my previous post I did mention there are no official records at any Government level as to CF service members who were awarded the Canadian Forces Decoration, which is I my option is a gross neglect. One of the interesting point brought forth in Chris book and another example of how DR&H display again, their callus disrespect to the 10 year clasps, was the fact prior to 1980, clasps were not presented at a formal parade; rather, they were simply mailed to the service member and depending on the member unit, the clasp may of been handed to the recipient in this small envelope in an informal environment. I was fortunate to acquire an example of this and have attached a picture for those forum members who may interested in seeing what it look like Gunney
  7. Hello Forum Members, Have read with great interest forum comments about the eligibility of the Canadian Forces Decoration and the Canadian Efficient Medal being awarded to the same member. The short answer is yes and it not as rare occurrence as one would suppose. If you research the The Canadian Gazette Part 1 Statutory Orders and Regulations dated Wednesday May 24, 1950 where it clearly defines eligibility for the CD and as it applies to other previous Long Service medals. I have included only the portion of this regulation especailly para 8 for Forum member to peruse at their leisure and hopefully clarify any doubts one has on this issue. Gunney “ Eligibility All ranks of the Armed Forces of Canada shall be eligible for the Canadian Forces' Decoration provided that they have completed their required period of service, have undertaken all required phases of training and duty, and are certified by the responsible service authorities as efficient and in every way deserving of the award. 6. Service Required -Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army Active Force, Royal Canadian Air Force (Regular) (a) Twelve years full time paid service in the Naval, Military or Air Forces of the British Commonwealth of Nations, provided the individual was serving on or after 1st October, 1946, in the Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army Active Force or Royal Canadian Air Force ( Regular) . (b) Service in the Reserve or Auxiliary of the Armed Forces of the British Commonwealth of Nations, other than full time Active Service will not count as qualifying time. © Personnel who were serving in the Permanent or Regular Forces of Canada on or prior to 1st September, 1939, may if they so desire count subsequent service for the award of The Royal Canadian Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, The Canadian Medal for Long Service and Good Conduct (Military) and The Royal Canadian Air Force Long Service and Good Conduct Medal under existing regulations for these awards. 7. Service Requires-Reserve Armed Forces of Canada (a) Twelve years qualifying service in the Reserve Forces of Canada which must have commenced after 21st December, 1921, provided that the individual joined or was serving in the Reserve Armed Forces of Canada on or after 1st January, 1946 in an active capacity in the Reserve of the Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army or Royal Canadian Air Force will count towards the award. (b) Personnel who served in the Reserve Armed Forces of Canada on the 1st September, 1939, may if they so desire count subsequent service for the award of The Canadian Efficiency Decoration, The Canadian Efficiency Medal, The Volunteer Officers' Decoration. The Royal Canadian Navy (Reserve) Long Service and Good Conduct Medal and The Air Efficiency Award under existing regulations for these awards. © Service in other Auxiliary and Reserve Forces of the British Commonwealth of Nations will count provided the last five years of service were with the Canadian Reserve Forces and no other medal of a long service, good conduct, or efficiency nature has been awarded for the same service. (d) Service in the Regular Forces will count, provided that the last five years of service claimed for the award were served in the Reserve Forces and that such service has not been recognized by the award of any Regular Force decoration or medal of a long service, good conduct or efficiency nature. 8. General (a) Any person already in possession of any long service and good conduct or efficiency decoration or medal and clasps, will be eligible to receive The Canadian Forces' Decoration, and to wear both, provided he has completed the full periods of qualifying service for both awards and that no qualifying service towards one award is permitted to count towards the other. (b) War service will count as single qualifying service. © Service to qualify for the award need not be continuous.”
  8. Hello Brian & Peter Appreciate your consideration in this matter, hopefully other forum members will take advantage of this thread and let us know which Canadian Forces Decorations they have and maybe collectively we can assist each other in providing further information about the recipients, take care Gunney
  9. Hello Forum Members, Now that I have had a chance to peruse many of the posts in the forum and in particle those that relate to the Canadian Forces Decoration. I would like to and with the moderators support to use this topic heading and start a post dedicated to those collectors like myself who have a single or in a group of medals that includes a Canadian Forces Decoration(s) with the end state of identifying some information about the recipient. As I alluded to in my previous posts there is not, nor has there ever been a definitive list of the Canadian Forces Decoration recipients ever created at the Government level and unless you a fortunate enough to have the list compiled by Hugh Crawford of the army only CD awarded between 1950-1964 several years ago. The only other way to find out any information about the other 250,000 plus CF members who have been awarded the CD over the last 63 years you would need to hire a researcher to comb the archives in Ottawa and if you stand a chance of success, you will need to have the DOB, full first names and surname if you are ever going to find an individual service record. I believe many forum members my have access to information that they could share and they may be able to assist in identifying those CD recipients we post here. If nothing more, then to gain the full Christian names, date that the CD was awarded and if possible the branch of service they served in. I will start with one that I have in my collection and it named to Cpl S Kramer, and as it is a GVI issue, this CD would have been awarded between 1950-1954. I believe that he mostly likely served in the RCAF. Could any Forum member provide any more information on this CD recipient. Thanks Gunney
  10. Hello Forum Members Just new to the Forum and now just getting a chance to read some of the posts and as the Canadian Forces Decorations are my collecting theme, I can provide some information on jeffskea original post on W.O.2 G.F. Finn CD, SC-90057 WO1 GF FINN awarded his CD on November 5 1951 SC-90057 WO2 GF FINN awarded his first clasp April 16, 1962 Most likely his 2nd clasp was awarded sometime in the early Spring April-May 1972, hope this helps Gunney
  11. Hello TacHel Unlike previous era's the CD is no longer automatically sent fron Ottawa to the members unit, but its is up to the member unit to request DH&R to send the medal and any only after the qualifying time has been fully completed for the medal or bars. Then the member's unit is suppose to have them sign for the medal or bar and this piece of paper goes into their Pers file. If one wishs to find out if a CF member has ever been awarded the CD he first must wait until the member is deseased or retires and then he can have the member researched in the archived data base held in Ottawa, The problem is this data base they use, is not separated by wars etc and encompasses all service files from 1920 & and not separated by Branch of Service.. The other problem is Regimental numbers. If the person served in the 2nd war there may be the chance of his Reg number remained constant but for those who served post war and up and ran into Reg # changes there is a good chance only the last number might be only # recorded but you need to have the DOB, full first names and surname if you every wish to find it. I find in amazing that there was never a definitive list of the Canadian Forces Decoration ever created at the Government level, when one can easily search the Canadian Archives site or the Governor General web page and find the names of the recipients for valour awards. OMM/MMM's including current exemplary service medal and even the QJM and QDJM. Yet we fail to produced a list of CD recipients and more so, missed a generation of service members particularly those that served 12 years or more during the cold war era and most often the CD was only medal they received while in uniform, with the exception of UN Cyrus medal , 1967 Centennial medal or 1977 Jubilee medal (the SSM and CPSM entitlement was post 1990’s). Thanks for your post, take care Gunney
  12. Hello Forum Members, New to the forum and this is my first post. My main collection theme is the Canadian Forces Decoration and am hopeful a forum member(s) may be able to assist me with acquiring any rolls, list of names, etc, for the Canadian Force Decoration award. I do have a list of the names for the army CD roll for 1950-1964, but it does not include any Naval or Air Force CD's awarded during the same time period. The Library and Archives of Canada website allows some search but very incomplete, Would any one have any complete or partial list the CD for all branches of the service and if so could they direct me as where I can find any information about Canadian Force personal who have awarded the CD since the early 1950's. I did contact DH&R in Ottawa with the same query and I response I received was unbelievable, as they informed me they do not have, nor to they keep any records of any Canadian Force Service member who was and when they awarded thier CD's. I was informed that it was the responsibility of the members unit to do so. Unless I am wrong Canada had no offical record at the national level of all the CD's awarded over the last 60 years. The major challenge I face is I have several Navel and Air force CD's in my collection that I cannot find the date that they were awarded in. I can only guest to the era due to medal, ribbon, and box of issue has been different over the years. Any assistance in this matter will be truly appreciated. Thanks Gunney
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