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  1. Hello Peter

    Im hoping that you may have information regarding my uncle Albert Conquest. I understand from your post that you have his medals in your collection. Do you know of any detailed report of the incident, or anything else of interest? 

    Im planning a visit to his gravesite in the near future and would like to know a little more about his life.

    All the best


    1. Deelibob


      Hello Sally,

      The only info I had I posted on site. There is information on the Armed Forces Memorial ( If I remember correctly) Sadly I no longer hold the medals as I sold them along with the rest of my collection. I was later contacted by a collector via this site, he had purchased them. He is a member of this club but I cannot remember his details. I can tell you that the group of medals consists solely of his KPM,BEM and Colonial MSM. The others I had put A War Medal, Defence Medal and Palestine Medal with the group to complete the correct group however these were copies and were no longer with the group when I sold it. I think if you put out a general request via this site the current custodian may well contact you.

      Sorry I cannot help further but wish you well in your quest.



  2. Hi Peter

    The bottom line is that BTP will not reissue the medal, as the government do not do it. There are a number of licenced medal suppliers who for around £50 can supply an engraved medal. If the family wishes to pursue that then I am told that BTP may organise an official presentation of the medal to the family, probably in Liverpool. I await the decision.

    Best wishes


    1. Deelibob


      Thanks Steve,

      I have contacted Mandy (The Grandaughter) and await reply, but she will probably go for it. Will keep you posted.Thanks for everything.

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  3. Hi Steve,

    Again thanks for the information, I am at present getting ready to do some research on him, I will send full details of his citation and the location of incident for inclusion on the BTPHG site.

    The main reason for this message is that I initially went to the BTPHG site to view Michaels entry thereon, I then viewed Police Roll of Honour Trust and was a bit confused/dismayed to see he was not included on it.(AS best as I could see, but I do attend Spec Savers) I mention this just in case it has been an oversight and he is meant to be on the PRofHT.


    Peter Dellius

    1. Deelibob


      Hi Steve,

      I was perusing an old Auction list (C.2010) and came across this pair of medals. Defence medal with Kings Commendation Oak Leaf for brave conduct and the LMS silver medal for courage.

      They were awarded to Special Constable Herbert George Thomas of Sheffield (Wicker) 12th December 1941 for Courage during the Blitz on Sheffield.

      I presume he was a Sheffield special but worked for LMS or could be the Gallant act took place on LMS land.

      Just two medals the LMS is shown Obverse and Reverse. They sold for £1000.oo

      Thought you may be interested.

      Regards, Peter


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