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  1. Good evening Gentleman, nice to see a little discussion about my badge. I initially assumed the badge to be that of the Singapore Artillery Volunteers, having seen examples of other Singapore artillery badges though I know this not to be the case. The initials in the star at the top of the badge are SVC; the scroll beneath the star reads '1870' and the scroll beneath the gun 'Field Artillery Battery'. The badge is made of brass and has been die stamped. There are two pins fixed either side of the wheel and there is no makers mark. I now believe the badge to be from the Shanghai Voluntee
  2. Sorry about the quality of the photo, it doesn't really give much detail does it?! (I'll try to put a better one on later) The top 6 pointed star has the initials SVC in it, beneath this, in the scroll is the date 1870. In the scroll below the cannon, the words 'Field Artllery Battalion'. Again, any information would be gratefully received! Simon
  3. I bought this badge on ebay and it makes an excellent addition to my RA/commonwealth artillery collection, but I've had difficulty identifying it. I believe that it could be Singapore Artillery Volunteer Corps, can anyone confirm this? (image attached)
  4. I am trying to find out any information about the Kent Artillery Volunteers, the 2nd Battalion in particular, who were based, at various times in Faversham, Kent. If any one has any information about them then I would be very interested!
  5. R.G.A. are the initials of the Royal Garrison Artillery
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