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  1. Imagine the outrage if this were an American or Canadian soldier's grave marker.
  2. ......wow, not often something like this gets offered to the market. i would have a substantial list of questions before venturing into this one. Offered on ebay? I would think anyone owning this might want to make a more private, discreet deal with a well connected and well heeled collector........perhaps this has already been tried. Should be very interesting to see where this one settles out. Nonetheless, very very intriguing.
  3. Technically speaking Newfoundland wasn't part of Canadian confederation until 1949. Apparently there were plans for a second weather station in the area but the German submarine carrying the equipment was sunk. The weather in Nfld is generally pretty consistently bad so i'm not sure the germans would have learned a whole lot by installing Kurt on the "rock". If there any Newfies on the forum, a belated welcome to Canada. Cheers!
  4. Hi Mervyn I'd like to locate a hat to complete this set. However, I'm looking for some help on the appropriate headwear for this specific uniform. Any help or guidance on this search would be greatly appreciated. Cheers birkie
  5. February 19,1942, In an effort to raise funds for the war effort in Canada, an invasion was staged to give Canadians a small taste of what life might be like under the Nazi regime. The resulting fund raising was wildly successful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ul8AYPFgXzw
  6. I recently acquired this complete, circa 1910, Royal Winnipeg Rifles, "Little Black Devils" tunic, complete with belt and trousers. Canadian militaria is a bit of a departure for me but I find this piece intriguing since I was born and raised in Winnipeg and like this connection to local history. Markings show a faded stamp ......Workman Co. Mfr's, 1910, Montreal, Quebec on the trousers along with the soldier's name CH Hall and a unit # 211 perhaps. The inside leather collar tab on the tunic shows W.E. Sanford Mfg, Hamilton Ontario, 1910-1911. Other markings are clearly shown on the inside of the tunic. I would certainly appreciate any feedback or thoughts on this 100 + year old set. Cheers.
  7. I recently acquired this private purchase, tailored LW Signals Oberfeldwebel tunic. The owner of this tunic was likely a career NCO. The patch represents a qualified radio operator, so he would have been proficient in the use of various types of radios, plus voice and morse procedures communications.
  8. looks original to me and in very good condition, approximate value comes in around $ 1,000 give or take. cheers.
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