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  1. Hi Daniel, Yes it certainly seems probable that the award was approved either just before or just after his death. Hi Dave, Thanks for the extra career info. You are correct in your assumption regarding his other awards. I found this in another newspaper dated 31st October 1918:-
  2. Hi Daniel, Ok here is another late entry - Hptm dR Fritz Kraus from IR 118 (although the 1914 rank list shows his regiment as IR 117). The webpage is https://sammlungen.hebis.de/zeitungen-hlbrm/periodical/pageview/305286
  3. Thank you Gunnar & Daniel for the information. Hi Vince, there must be at least a half-dozen of us in total !!!
  4. The attached death notice appeared in 'Das Ostpreussenblatt' on 05th August 1952. Unfortunately I cannot verify if he actually received the Hohenzollern, or any other award for that matter. He was from IR 43 and became a POW (probably in the Eastern theatre) with an unknown flying unit in 1915.
  5. Hi Dave, Another late one for you. Unfortunately is does not mention his unit - Lt dR H. Fischer (see bottom-middle of page):- https://sachsen.digital/werkansicht/dlf/376141/1/#
  6. Super photo! The man in the front row with plm, next to Jodl (?) is Walter von Unrah...
  7. Hi Andy, Unfortunately I did not win the auction L I would guess the photo was taken around 1919-1921. I have read somewhere that the award rolls for Reuss were destroyed during WW2, so identification might prove difficult. For the record, the 2 recipients O’Connor listed were Oblt Hans Berr and Lt Lothar Frhr von Hausen. It was mentioned on another site that a man named Artur Oertel (1888-1937) may have received this award, but it is not shown on his Kriegsstammrolle. Best Regards, Matt.
  8. Here's something of a rarity - a soldier wearing the retired pilot's badge and the Kriegsverdienstkreuz from Reuß. I understand that O'Connor only found two airmen who received this award, but they were both killed during the war...
  9. Great bar! Do you know who it belonged to? I saw this document for a pilot named Lt Rudolf Stark. Under the list of awards (top-right) I think it says 'Hausord v Hohenzollern' with the date 29 Oct 1918...
  10. Hi Stogieman, I was trying to identify the medals of this LW Major, when I suddenly recognised the fellow on the right! Unfortunately no names are given...
  11. Hi all, About the last photo I posted (with the Hohenzollern): can anyone confirm what awards are on his ribbon bar? Any chance of identifying this man perhaps? Thanks
  12. Ok here is another one. The Hohenzollern is nice too! Note that he doesn't have the wound badge yet...
  13. Hi all, You guys are fantastic! No wonder I didn't find it when searching online Kind Regards, Matt.
  14. Hi all, Can anyone identify the breast star that this Luftwaffe Major is wearing? I have searched online but couldn't find it... Thanks a lot, Matt.
  15. Hi Dave & Graham, Thanks for your replies and the additional photos. Unfortunately I'm not very good at reading the shoulder boards, but I have inverted the colour which might help a bit? Looks like I got the other award completely wrong! Here is another photo
  16. Now that the auction is over, here is another nice photo of this award being worn. He is also wearing the Hohenzollern and possibly the Hamburg Hanseatic Cross. There can't be too many men with this combo, it's just a shame that his name was not on the back of the photo....
  17. Is that the Hanseatic trio just before the Hindenburg cross? If so, there was a list on this forum somewhere - it might help to identify the owner ?
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