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  1. Hi all, Just reviving this old thread. Here is the man in question, and I have also attached a document of Kasta 18 signed by a Hptm Wegener. Are they the same person? Any additional info is welcomed
  2. Thanks for the added info about Brix. Ok just a few more first names - Hptm dR Otto Hobrecker https://zeitpunkt.nrw/ulbms/periodical/zoom/5649400 Lt dR Ernst Krämer https://digital.staatsbibliothek-berlin.de/werkansicht?PPN=PPN771019734&PHYSID=PHYS_0001&view=fulltext-parallel Lt dR Anton Perrar (as per verlustlisten):- https://zeitpunkt.nrw/ulbbn/periodical/zoom/3840290 Lt dR Franz Schencking https://zeitpunkt.nrw/ulbms/periodical/zoom/5650007 Lt dR Guido Seifert https://zs.thulb.uni-jena.de/rsc/viewer/jportal_derivate_00283043/Frem
  3. Some first names. Lt dL August Dickert. https://sammlungen.hebis.de/hebis-ffm/periodical/pageview/2760?query=Dickert https://sammlungen.hebis.de/hebis-ffm/periodical/pageview/1303357?query=Dickert Lt dR Ludwig Mütze (see towards bottom left) https://digital.staatsbibliothek-berlin.de/werkansicht?PPN=PPN769979122&PHYSID=PHYS_0048&view=fulltext-parallel Lt dL Georg Viergutz. Plus AH award. The second attachment also has a Lt dR Gustav Albrecht - is he a new name? https://digital.zlb.de/viewer/image/16317961_1917/301/LOG_0027/ https:
  4. Not confirmed yet, but the Hptm dR Decker in MWB 21.11.18 could be Franz Decker. He is mentioned in the Kölner Lokal-Anzeiger dated 06.1.1916. Difficult to read, but it mentions his awards up to this time.
  5. Hi Christophe, Very nice photo and excellent detective work! I love seeing photos of actual awards being worn, rather than just the ribbon bar
  6. A new one - Lt Karl Plauth https://www.europeana.eu/en/item/9200338/BibliographicResource_3000126344277
  7. A first name and some extra awards - Hptm Paul Sieveking. From the Hamburgischer Correspondent 03.1.1917
  8. An early one: Hugo Schröder. Must be the Oblt dR from FAR 69 (MWB 09th Jan 1917). https://digital.zlb.de/viewer/image/16173899_1917/49/LOG_0016/
  9. Another first name, and another aviator! Lt dR Georg Herrnleben, from the Naumburger Tageblatt 11 May 1918. He was killed on 31 May 1918 whilst serving as a pilot with Bosta 9. His name is sometimes spelled Herrsleben.
  10. A few first names - Major Kurt Wagner (1868-1917), FAR 33 & FAR 20. Not sure where I found the death notice though. Also Lt Hugo Wagner and Lt dR Arno Grave, who was wounded in 1916 with IR 67. From the Münsterischer Anzeiger dated 1st June 1918.
  11. Lt dR Walter Weiss, from the Stettin General-Anzeiger. This might be the same Lt dR Weiss noted in the MWB for 31st Oct 1918. https://digitale-bibliothek-mv.de/viewer/fullscreen/PPN800155572_1918/103/
  12. A new name, although I did not find any confirmation in the regimental history - Lt dR Gerhard Morisse (see page 168):- https://noa.gwlb.de/servlets/MCRFileNodeServlet/Document_derivate_00000107/00000501-1.pdf
  13. A couple more first names from the Solinger Anzeiger (dated 29 May & 03 June respectively). Lt dR Karl Marschall and Oblt dR Otto Ludwig (Ludwigs?).
  14. A new first name, and one to add to my list of flyers! Lt dR Fritz Rehorn. From the Solinger Zeitung 31st Aug 1918. Probably the Lt dR Rehhorn mentioned in the MWB dated 19th Oct 1918.
  15. Hi Dave, Thanks for the additional info on Albert Schmidt, and sorry I got his name wrong. Here is a new name - Otto Mossdorf. The website also mentions Heinz Schimming whose gravestone was posted by Komtur on 29th Nov 2020. http://www.denkfried.de/wp/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Kreuzberg_halleschetor.html Best Regards, Matt.
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