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  1. Hi all, This snippet about Lt Hans Müller is from the book on IR 142. I would like to know more about him (date of birth, date of awards etc.). Thanks!
  2. Hi Daniel, Sorry I don't have anything on the WW1 career of Jans, and only one other newspaper clipping. Thanks to all for the additional info on Zeininger! Scratch that, I have found a Lt dR Josef Jans in the verlustlisten. Lightly wounded with IR 394. His date of birth matches the online records. Not much, but something at least. https://www.lagis-hessen.de/pnd/1115669370
  3. Leutnant dL Heinrich Zeininger (see page 8). Born 1867 ! http://gartentexte-digital.ub.tu-berlin.de/archiv/Gartenkunst/Jg.52/B09.pdf
  4. Rudolf Fischer from the 1942 edition of 'Garten Kunst'. Born 15 Dec 1883 in Berlin. See page 9 of the first file, and page 2 of the second link for details of his EK1. He was from GGR 3 and RIR 262. The book on the latter regiment notes his HOH3x award on page 238. He appears a few times in the verlustlisten. http://gartentexte-digital.ub.tu-berlin.de/archiv/Gartenkunst/Jg.55/B10.pdf http://gartentexte-digital.ub.tu-berlin.de/archiv/Gartenkunst/Jg.30/Anhang1.pdf http://dfg-viewer.de/show?tx_dlf[double]=0&tx_dlf[id]=http%3A%2F%2Fdigital.wlb-stuttgart.de%2Fmets%2Furn%3Anbn
  5. Great work! Here is a 1932 article relating to a Josef Jans (b. 1894). I cannot find him in the MWB or any other publications from the war era. http://sammlungen.ub.uni-frankfurt.de/periodika/periodical/pageview/3430365?query=segelflieger hausorden
  6. Not sure if this is a new name or not - Oblt dR Georg Stephan from Altenburg. IR 153, died 1922. One more - Lt Karl Weber. His name is so common that it might be difficult to find out more about him :- http://sammlungen.ub.uni-frankfurt.de/periodika/periodical/pageview/7244269?query=Hohenzollern
  7. Major von Reckow from FAR 63. I can't find him in the MWB or the Staatsanzeiger. http://sammlungen.ub.uni-frankfurt.de/periodika/periodical/pageview/6944977?query=Hausorden 1917
  8. Hi Deruelle, Yes I am referring to the same Oblt Hans Clausen who was awarded the SH3 while serving with FA 230 in 1917. Best Regards, Matt.
  9. Buddecke's name does not appear in the MAWB, but he does show up in the Staatsanzeiger. Here is an interesting one to Fritz-Otto Bernert. It's the first time I have seen his name in connection with the Hamburger Hanseatenkreuz. Thanks for the first name of Clausen! There were two men with this name and rank in the Saxon SR 108. Until now I didn't know whether it was the aviator Hans who was the recipient. Now you have confirmed it!
  10. Hi webr55, K. Witzel is a new name, me to at least. The newspaper announcements are helpful because they sometimes provide first names or background info.
  11. Hi webr55, Fritz Rodrian had my favourite award, the Krieger-Ehrenzeichen. I had attached Josef Gerhard's death notice because it shows the regiment.
  12. Lt Carl (or Karl) Volk from Bad Homburg (middle row), and Hptm Stoessel von der Heyde (2nd attachment. See third column, near the bottom). https://sammlungen.hebis.de/zeitungen-hlbrm/periodical/pageview/254109 https://sammlungen.hebis.de/hebis-ffm/periodical/pageview/1342339
  13. Nice work Dave. Here is a death notice from 1941 for Karl-Otto Splettstößer. There are many Kriegsstammrolle records for him on ancestry.co.uk, unfortunately I could not find one which mentioned the HOH3x. So it must be another late award. Also interesting for the gold wound badge.
  14. Thanks a lot. I think he is my HOH3x recipient, but still not 100% confirmed.
  15. Hi all, I have found a newspaper article which shows that Droth was awarded the EK1. His first name is Reinhard. https://sammlungen.hebis.de/Zeitungen/periodical/pageview/2417346?query=Droth
  16. Hi Daniel, No problem at all. Actually I'm going to throw a spanner into the works now. I had assumed that the MWB entry (03/Sep/1918) for a 'Hptm Lieber' related to the later Generalleutnant Hans Lieber. But then I saw the attached death notice and now I'm not so sure....
  17. Hi Dan, Here are two death notices, for Fritz Thielsch and Felix Tilgner. I couldn't find either of these men in the MWB.
  18. Hi all, Here are two more names: Hptm von und zu Schachten, and Lt dR Paul Hommel. I presume the Lt Hertel mentioned just after Hptm Schachten is the same man we discussed earlier? https://digital.blb-karlsruhe.de/blbz/periodical/pageview/2023321 https://digital.blb-karlsruhe.de/blbz/periodical/pageview/5800545
  19. Thanks Dave. He certainly seems to have moved around a lot. On to my next find - Lt Ernst Goll https://digital.blb-karlsruhe.de/blbz/periodical/zoom/2023928
  20. Hi all, Not sure if you have this one? Lt dR Karl (?) Hertel :- https://digital.blb-karlsruhe.de/blbz/periodical/pageview/2480000?query=hansorden
  21. Hi webr55, Sounds like a good idea in theory. But as there are so many regimental histories, it would probably take too long to list the ones that haven't been researched yet. Here is an interesting obituary notice for Lt Hermann Runge.
  22. Great stuff. Here's another - Hptm dR Rüffer, mentioned in Schleschische Zeitung Nr 576 dated 10th Nov 1918:-
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