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  1. Kurt von Obernitz (born 1878) from https://www.geni.com/photo/view/6000000111128294821?album_type=photos_of_me&photo_id=6000000111241766843
  2. Another first name - Lt dR (or should it be Lt dL?) Waldemar John. His picture also appears in 'Der Welt Spiegel' dated 15th April 1915. https://www.kreisheimatverein.de/online-bibliothek/biografien-2/john/ https://dfg-viewer.de/show?tx_dlf[double]=0&tx_dlf[id]=https%3A%2F%2Fcontent.staatsbibliothek-berlin.de%2Fzefys%2FSNP27646518-19150415-0-0-0-0.xml&tx_dlf[page]=2&cHash=a7d9549f2b55e18bdbece082f8f22823
  3. A new first name - Lt dR Louis Schuchardt, from the Kasseler Neueste Nachrichten dated 13th Dec 1917. He was also awarded the SMK whilst with RIR 233 (Erfurter Allgemeiner Anzeiger publication dated 21st June 1915).
  4. Hi all, There was a small book about IR 149 on ebay some time ago. One of the pictures shows Oblt Baske wearing the Prussian observer's badge. I don't have any more info on him, and unfortunately the seller did not reply to my requests for information. But at least I can add another Fliegertruppe officer to my Hohenzollern recipients list.
  5. Hi Deutschritter, I have the same awards as you show. Except that I wasn't aware of the Baltenkreuz....
  6. Hptm Müller (IR 51) is Friedrich Alfred Müller, originally from IR 137. Born 25.03.1882 in Weilerbach. Probably the MWB dated 05.Sep.1918 (same date as Majors Nollau & v Sommerfeldt u Falkenhayn).
  7. Thanks Glenn for the ID. Ok here is another unknown officer. I believe his ribbon bar shows the HOH3x in third place.
  8. Here is a pic of Rittmeister Hans Hohl https://digital.slub-dresden.de/werkansicht/dlf/281564/30/0/?tx_dlf[highlight_word]="Hans Hohl" 1885&cHash=fbebd2ccae06b5e193895f0d3f92f75d
  9. Hi all, The man on the left is Ltn Lüdeke of Fliegerabteilung 14. Is he wearing the Kriegsverdienstkreuz from Reuß ? The other man is the CO Hptm Schaefer.
  10. Hi, I don't have much really. He began the war as head of FFA 7 before before becoming Stofl 1 in 1915. I have a note that he was CO of FEA 1 around 1915-1916 when Friedrich Mallinckrodt made some flights. Possibly also CO of FFA 19 but no dates and not confirmed. Promoted Major on 18 Oct 1918.
  11. I think this is Lt dR Philipp Höhn, brother? of Jasta ace Fritz Höhn. They both served in 7 Garde-Inf-Rgt.
  12. Hello all, Many thanks for your replies. I suspected he had the HOH3x, but I couldn't find confirmation anywhere. I also have him as CO of FA 4 in May 1917, but I don't know how long he stayed in this unit. His brother Alfred is interesting too. He also appears to have had come connection with the air service....
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