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  1. My own schematic of the projectile.
  2. The projectile....[i very CAREFULLY pried off the lid.]
  3. Many Thanks, GRA. Unfortunately I have no Kalashnikov rifle.....however, I do have the flares.... The first picture is the can that the flares came in. The second picture is of a flare..
  4. Hi Gordon, you are correct. BWS was 1817..... I was typing from memory and didn't look at my files....... I should have entered 1817. Oh well, I can't remember all of the Betriebsnummern.
  5. I think I know that seller. He is really helpful and friendly. BTW: Parachutes in the DDR were manufactured by VEB Bekleidungswerke Seifhennersdorf, [also known as BWS or "Bewes"]. Military Betriebsnummer 1816. An Entry from Wer liefert was? (34 Ausgabe [1971])
  6. This is the instruction leaflet that came with some Czechoslovakian 40-mm parachute/rocket-signal flares that I purchased. Can anyone translate them? Especially number 6. Thanks in advance for any possible help, Jon.
  7. Thanks Uwe. I just won an ebay aucton for the 1980 auflage, and was just curious about what the book's layout was like. Again, Thanks. Jon.
  8. Here is a link to the Berlin Wasserschutzpolizei. Wasserschutzpolizei How about the internal markings?????
  9. 1978-U 1982-I (however it can look like a "J")
  10. Thanks, Uwe. Could you post a picture of a (random) page within the book?
  11. Lucky you!!!!!! I have found some papers and documents before in books but nothing as cool as what you just found!!!!!!
  12. Is this a genuine Feuerwehr Helmet? I am referring to the "abzeichen" on the front of the helmet. FW is not an area that I collect and that is why I am wary. Personally I think that it would have been added on later and is not original. Any thoughts/comments?
  13. The two most common maker codes that I have come across would be 1850 and 1802. So far I have only identified the latter, 1802, which is VEB Burger Bekleidungswerke in Burg bei Magdeburg. On older uniforms you may see their logo, which includes their initials "BBW." BBW was part of VVB Herrenkonfektion and later became part of VEB Textilkombinat Cottbus or TKC. Jon.
  14. 1,000 Meters. Rather optimistic don't you think?
  15. Wilkommen Scott. I am "strichtarn" on gunboards, and am "jon m." on WAF.
  16. That is pretty much what I was told on another forum: just leave it alone...which is what I intend to do. Thanks for the comments. Jon.
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