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  1. Thanks.I would like to know if the miniatures of the Order of Tamara were only suspended? And the miniature on the needle is a converted suspension? This is the same from my collection.
  2. Тбиижт- Tbilisi Institute of Railway Engineers.
  3. Good evening. I ask you to express an opinion about this order. It seems I read somewhere on the Internet that they were released in the 60s.Many thanks.
  4. Hi.I am also grateful to Rick for help. In memory of him, I have one Tamara order from his collection.
  5. Hi. I will bring to your attention set of awards and documents for the lieutenant Josef Ruland. more
  6. Hi. I ask to express your opinion about this cross. Many thanks. Alexander.
  7. Hi.It seems to me that this oder is a modern fantasy.I would like to see photos with an example of wearing this order and some documents.Regards.Alexander.
  8. I ask to express your opinion about this award. I like it. Many thanks.
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