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  1. Dear Enzo. I still think that your order is made of an alloy of non-ferrous metals and is subsequently silver plated. All four oders from my collection are very similar, but only one has the technological stamp "silver". Your order is very similar to one of the orders given in the book of K. Nikolaev. Produced in Germany. The manufacturer is not known.
  2. Thank you. I try as much as I can. Very little material, unfortunately to my great regret.
  3. Another recent acquisition: Tamara order from the Sedlatzek. The usual order, but before I saw such only with enamel.
  4. Thanks.When there are several manufacturers, there is always a choice. Unfortunately, in this case it is limited to a small number. This is my first order in silver out of eight in the collection.
  5. Thank you. I like the needle very much. I wonder who the manufacturer is. Maybe Zimmerman?
  6. Dear Nikoloz, thank you very much! The first silver badge in the collection. Live looks much better.
  7. Received today. One of the best orders of Queen Tamara (in terms of workmanship) in my collection.
  8. I can’t say for sure, they told me that it’s just dirt. But the star is just good!
  9. Hi dear Nikoloz. A very pleasant subject and a cognitive bit of history.👋👋👋
  10. Owner cleaned the badge. So much better. Waiting for your opinions. Thank you.
  11. I don’t know, I think it’s rust. A very similar order is in the book of K. Nikolayev. Page 118
  12. Hello to all.I ask to express your opinion about this award. The mount is very similar to the Zimmerman mount. Many thanks. Alexander.
  13. H.R.H. Crown Prince Davit of Georgia Dear 922F may I ask you to show photocopy of a Tamara document issued in Paris. Many thanks. Alexander.
  14. I do not agree with you my friend.It's a fake copy. Georgian Royal Family in exile used other orders.
  15. A very interesting document on earl Schulenburg. Who was first consul in Tiflis, and then German ambassador in the USSR.
  16. p.s.It may well be that in this camp Georgian Muslim prisoners of war were recruited to the Georgian Legion.
  17. As far as I understand, this is a document for a captain Bodo von Konig who was deputy inspector or (acting) prisoner of war camp in Romania.
  18. Yes, I have never seen a mini in the photo and they are found much less often than the full-sized orders of Tamara. I have only two mini orders of Tamara in my collection.
  19. I agree with you, it is embarrassing that he wore both a miniature and the order at once.
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