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  1. Yes. This is the order of Queen Tamara. The first type. The book of K. Nikolayev contains the date of the first award-04/30/1917

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    I am looking for anyone who has a brochure "The Verdun medal" by Thierry Silvert for sale.


  3. Dear Patrick, thank you so much.Best regards.Alexander.
  4. Hello. Please tell me about the originality of this medal. Many thanks.
  5. Hello to all.I ask to express your opinion about this award. I like the basis of the order, but what about the medallion? Replacement? Thanks.
  6. Hi. This is a graduation certificate. Everyone who graduated from an institute or university in the USSR received a diploma of this standard. Alexander.
  7. Fifth photo: certificate in the name of the ensign of the 253rd infantry regiment of the Perekop Kutselai, that he is on outpatient treatment. Kiev. 1916. Sixth photo: birth certificate addressed to Lensky Vladimir. 1926. Place of birth is the city of Slutsk. Belarus. The seventh and fifth photo are identical to photo number five. The eighth photo: letter of appreciation addressed to Lieutenant Lensky Vladimir Konstantinovich. I would be glad if I could help.Best regards.Alexander.
  8. Hi .First photo: Konstantin Vasilievich Lensky archive. Above is written: store while at least one descendant will live, transmit along the male line.Second photo: certificate for the right to verify the operation of vehicles on a major Lensky.K.V. Third photo: certificate for a student of the correspondence department of a pedagogical institute Lensky K.V. about passing exams. Fourth photo: telegram about the immediate appearance of military training

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    Good evening. I am interested in buying Tamara order from Sedlatzek. Payment via pay pal.Respectfully.Alexander.


  10. Hello.Another new item in my collection:Memorial Cross of the IV Army Corps in East Africa.
  11. Hello all. Today I supplemented my collection with a cross of the I Army Corps in East Africa.
  12. I noticed everything. Therefore, I wrote that I did not believe it. It is not the best copy I have ever seen.
  13. How are the German consulate in Tiflis and the Order of Tamara connected? I do not believe.
  14. Thanks.I would like to know if the miniatures of the Order of Tamara were only suspended? And the miniature on the needle is a converted suspension? This is the same from my collection.
  15. Тбиижт- Tbilisi Institute of Railway Engineers.
  16. Good evening. I ask you to express an opinion about this order. It seems I read somewhere on the Internet that they were released in the 60s.Many thanks.
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