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  1. Hi. I ask to express your opinion about this cross. Many thanks. Alexander.
  2. Hi.It seems to me that this oder is a modern fantasy.I would like to see photos with an example of wearing this order and some documents.Regards.Alexander.
  3. I ask to express your opinion about this award. I like it. Many thanks.
  4. Yes, you are right, lilies.
  5. Many thanks.It seems that this type, as you wrote: the crown "1st Empire" 3 type, the center-July Monarchy.
  6. Dave,thank you very much.
  7. Many thanks. I'm sorry, is this normal?Alexander.
  8. Good day. I saw such an order, please tell me if everything is OK with him. Thanks.Alexander.
  9. Hi. I ask you to express an opinion on this Tamara order.Many thanks. Alexander.
  10. Dear Lambert thank you.I know this site. How could I miss this?Unfortunately, it has not been updated for a long time.Best regards.Alexander.
  11. Thanks Japan x for the help.( https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ossario_del_Pasubio )
  12. Here's what I found in the Internet: The Commemorative Medal of the 1st Armada was coined in 1918 by the sculptor Leonardo Bistolfi and distributed, with relative attestation, starting in 1924.Regards.Alexander
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