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  1. Here's another horror appeared from sammler-arsenal.http://www.ebay.de/itm/Orden-der-Heiligen-Tamara-3-Klase-Original-/181860998563?hash=item2a57c29da3
  2. Hi.I ask you to express an opinion on this Tamara star.Weight=46,85gr.Thanks in advance.Alexander.
  3. Thank you,my oder 27,5gr.I think it all depends on the manufacturer of oder.
  4. Good morning.May be someone who can tell what weight of the Tamara orden without enamel.Thanks.
  5. Good evening.Please express an opinion on the originality of the eagle.Thanks.Alexander.
  6. Gentlemen Could I please have your opinions on this wurttemberg medal bar with hohenzollern silver medal.A soldier was serve in the Wurttemberg army, but was born in Hohenzollern?Thanks.Alexander.
  7. Hi.I ask you to express your opinion about this cross.I like it.Many thanks.Alexander.
  8. Gentlemen, thank you for your interest.Unfortunately until Wednesday, I can not take a photo of the reverse.Back of the bar covered with dark blue textile piece.I apologize for the late reply.Best regards.Alexander.
  9. Thank you for opinion dear Lambert.Another question: why ribbons wound differently?Regards.Alexander
  10. Good evening. Such medal bar with the Turkish medal got here. I ask to prompt, whether everything is normal with a bar and what it for a medal? Thanks.
  11. Thank you Dave.I think you're right.Simply ribbons at Saxon -Altenburg bravery medal and Landwehr-Dienstauszeichnung are very similar.There is more: if the person was awarded the Red Eagle Order it means the officer?Regards.Alexander.
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