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  1. Fifth photo: certificate in the name of the ensign of the 253rd infantry regiment of the Perekop Kutselai, that he is on outpatient treatment. Kiev. 1916.

    Sixth photo: birth certificate addressed to Lensky Vladimir. 1926. Place of birth is the city of Slutsk. Belarus.

    The seventh and fifth photo are identical to photo number five.

    The eighth photo: letter of appreciation addressed to Lieutenant Lensky Vladimir Konstantinovich.

    I would be glad if I could help.Best regards.Alexander.


  2. Hi .First photo: Konstantin Vasilievich Lensky archive. Above is written: store while at least one descendant will live, transmit along the male line.Second photo: certificate for the right to verify the operation of vehicles on a major Lensky.K.V.

    Third photo: certificate for a student of the correspondence department of a pedagogical institute Lensky K.V. about passing exams.

    Fourth photo: telegram about the immediate appearance of military training

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