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  1. Yep! Intentionally or production error?
  2. So, reverse inscription mentions nothing conserning reason of isshue? (In contrast with "On the occasion of... " - post 156).
  3. ...batteries not included - what a pity! The value of the set could be more significant. Is it on E-bay?
  4. With your permission, Nick, I also would like to thank your japanese fellow Oleg for translation. So, forgive my persistence, still recipients of the badge remain to be specified. May be, it is not that somebody helped disabled war veterans and Nakajima issued badge to thank that somebody. I suppose, the badge's recipients were disabled war veterans - employees of Nakajima, and the badge was issued to express company's patronage to that veterans. ? Peter.
  5. Indeed! May be japanese fellows could help with direct tranlation and, besides, share ideas about recipients of the badge?
  6. Speaking of "factory-level branches". 1/ Was Nakajima the only company, issued it's own wound badges? 2/ As soon as English transcription is "Badge for help to Disabled War Veterans", then who where recipients of that badges? Not Disabled War Veterans themselves?
  7. kaguyahime


    Exactly! Nothing to add.
  8. kaguyahime

    Labour Badges

    Still, not comletely. For lower class - OK: 11,100 yen (many thanks to fukuoka). But reasonable price level for 1st class remains to be confirmed. Peter
  9. So for oval merit badges, the design of obvers is the same. For reverse - kanji, evidently, differ depending on event? Do boxes also differ depending on event (year)? Presumably, for merit badges with design of Military Merit Badge the situation is the same?
  10. O-yeah, I try to but I can't... Unimaginable!
  11. And the same badge is on sale now! http://www.ebay.com/itm/JAPANESE-WOUNDED-ASSOCIATION-MERIT-BADGE-JAPAN-MEDAL-ORDER-WOUND-ARMY-NAVY-/271224871244?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f2643194c Looks like to be in great demand!
  12. kaguyahime

    Labour Badges

    Thank you, Nick! So bodies of the two badges are also silver?
  13. kaguyahime

    Labour Badges

    May be, Nick, you are right... By the way, 4 round white jems on the 1st class badge, they look like a pearl. Am I wrong? What are 4 similar jems on the lower class - Merit Badge?
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