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  1. Out of the horrors of war a bud of something beautiful blossoms.......going by the picture on the link he was awarded the bronze land service and is only one of 290 recipients .....
  2. I have also noticed a few OP-Telic Iraq Medals appear on ebay via various cash brokers pawn brokers franchises over the last few weeks...One assumes the recipient or relative of recipient has hit on hard times and pawned it...Having said that I have met a few ex service men who sold their medals on because of the way they felt they had been neglected after leaving the forces..
  3. Hi, I am looking to purchase some ww1 medals and have been informed that the regiment is engraved as W.R.F.D.R. I have gone through my list of abbreviations and the only thing I can think is that its the west riding regiment and the seller has got the I mixed up for an F....or is it a correct abbreviation for a regiment..thank you in advance chris
  4. And here are the two ww2 miniatures with the same residue from mounting as the ww1 trio......And all six medals for just £15!!! can't even buy the nasty modern staybright ones for that :cheeky:
  5. Also included in the £15 lot was miniature cadet force medal 1953-1980
  6. Miniatures purchased today from a car boot sale for £15 ....The 1914 trio appear to have been mounted together at some time but have been separated ..there is also a ww2 defence and war medal with the same residue from the mounting (see top of ribbon to victory medal) so it seems it was mounted as a group of 5.
  7. My favourite so far..lovely mini ww1 BWM with swivel suspender.....a little glue residue and blue thread on ribbon so has been mounted at some stage
  8. nice mini mercantile medal..has glue residue on ribbon
  9. ww1 miniature pair ..the BWM has fixed suspender
  10. Hi, a nice couple of groups there guys the miniatures I'm buying are only british...I have been across the minefield of third reich collecting and I'm not going back!!! The cost factor is part of my reason plus I am limited for display space...And I think some of the bigger groups are attributable so an interesting form of research as well..I will post pics this evening of the couple I have....chris
  11. I have started buying miniatures and while I have not yet got any decent groups , (just acouple of pairs and single ones). I was wondering if this would be the correct place on GMIC to post pics and info about any I may get, if not please direct me to the correct place....I have been buying and selling anything and everything for 20 years and I collect militaria and then sell my collection and start on something new...I recently sold my last collection and have started buying miniatures and full size medals...
  12. Thank you for that info..I found earlier entries relating to him transfering from the Warwickshire regiment to the Bedford regiment....
  13. Couldnt find mention of the Machine Gun Corps
  14. Hi thanks for the info..Where can I get a copy of his MIC? and as promised here are the photos..I was wondering as to value..I found a pair to a lieutenant in MGC online for £125..retail price and a pair to a private in MGC sold on ebay today for £71+5 p&p...I did not pay anywhere near this much....
  15. Hi, just purchased a ww1 pair comprising of bwm and victory medal. both are engraved to the edge LIEUT.F.W. FIDGEON....but there is no service number or regiment...I also have a life members pass dated 1906 to the National Rifle Association named to Fredrick W . Fidgeon Esq. Any advice on why there is no service number or regiment will be gratefully recieved.. I must also add that these came from a house clearance. Will post some photo's tommorow..
  16. Thank you Paul. Well even if it's only worth double scrap value,(That would make it around £25/30), I'm still quids in..I paid £8 each for the spanish and german medals. They were priced at £10 each and I didn't know what I was buying so took a gamble when he said I could have for £8 each......But that being said I'm going to keep them and hope I see him again to get some details..There is much more than "pure unadulterated junk." you just need to hunt like a hawk
  17. Thats interesting, I purchased the medals on a whim at the car boot sale, (not what I was looking for ...I was actually looking for furniture, mirrors and paintings ), and in hind sight I should have got details of the recipient from the seller. I'm happy to keep these as they are nice items and in the general scheme of things didn't cost much. And as you suggest the reverse of the case has Steinhauer & Luck Ludenscheid printed in gold. the case is dark blue.
  18. So if this advert is correct my medal that is cased with a litle ribbon pin bow and a miniature is worth something over than £65?
  19. Hi there, I am new here and have already put one post on here regarding a spanish medal I purchased today from a car boot. I also purchased this today from the same seller and as with the spanish medal the story goes....It was awarded to his sister in law/sister ,(I cant remember but is was a female relation), who worked in a postition of authority possibly at windsor castle and she was awarded this. I believe it to be a Medal of Merit from Federal Republic of Germany. As can be seen in the photo it comes it what appears to be original box with a little ribbon bow and a miniature medal. I know
  20. Hi there, I'm new here and thought I would join up as your website came up during a google search for this spanish order that I purchased today. I purchased this medal today from a local car boot sale and the guy told me it was awarded to his sister in law / or sister ,(I cant quite remember..but it was a realtive of his), who had worked in some capacity of authority at windsor castle and this ,(and the german one I'm posting in the relevant section), were given to her. Possibly during the 1980's or 90's. It came in what appears to be it's original box having said all that foreign orders
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