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  1. Well I find it best to avoid selling in areas in which you are uncertain about, there is always someone out there who covers the field. I would get rid of them to a collector who cannot afford original examples, as long as you tell them there is some doubt hanging over them. Sadly in my opinion, there is no doubt, these are copies that you obtained from someone. Godd luck
  2. These are both copies coming into the country from Australia. I bought two to compare them to my originals and then destroyed them. The guy in Australia seemed to have closed his website down. He told me he was having problems obtaining suspension bars from his supplier. These are the most blatant copies I have seen in a while. Actions like this ruin it for up and coming collectors.
  3. Hi Ulsterman Like any uniform or tunic, you have to be so careful. Nice when an old sleeper turns up. Sadly all the old houses have been knocked down and the days of a builder finding one in the roofspace is over. Now in saying that a friend who is a builder found a lovely U.V.F. swagger stick recently and gave it to me. I think anything relating to the troubles will become the collectables of the future. A friend of mine who is a dealer in England told me recently that the demand for Irish related items from the seventies is rising, there are so many ex servicemen looking items relating to t
  4. Paul we can watch out for them in auctions in years to come. Very few originals ever appear besides the Dublin Brigade. There are also reproduction belt buckles on the market too. There were items at the last auction in Dublin that I have doubts about.
  5. I wrote the ebay guides concerning these medals. They are being turned out in Australia. I got a couple to compere to my originals and they are good, very good ! Also watch out for copies of Irish Volunteer cap badges. They are sold in Dublin as copies, sadly some guys buy them and sell them on as originals. Spoke to a collector in England who paid out hundreds for one. As to Tom's 1916 medal. It's in the hands of one of the finest collectors of that period. And he's Irish.
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