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  1. Ok, that is good to hear. Hopefully they have Not Been so expensive...regarding other stuff from this House ????
  2. That is really interesting. I own weidgen's Award document for the Finnish medal of Liberty. All His Other documents i sold 4 years ago to a German collector
  3. Hi guys, interesting topic. Here is my only dogtag...but I think it is a nice and rare one...unfortunately it is broken in the middle. Finnish Jäger Bataillon 27, located in Lockstedt. Regards Mikko
  4. Hello Christer, I found it - it was an auction in Sweden...but in 2012... http://www.probusauktioner.se/auktion/objectWinInfo.asp?objektnr=558&auktionsnamn=Auktion%2019%20den%205%20november%202012 Never miss a probusauktioner-auction
  5. Hello Christer, that is a nice one. I haven't had an auction on my screen in April. Was it sold at Swedish ebay? Greetings Mikko
  6. hello, i found out, that the soldier also received an ek1 in ww1. could this information help to find a name? it would be also interesting to know, christophe, when your possible candidates had died. one could only receive a helsinki medal when stoll alive in 1938?! regards mikko
  7. thank you, christophe. so the research is going on... maybe the volkspflege decoration can be a key. and the veteran must have been still alive in 1938 due to the helsinki medal...ok, all lot of baltic division veterans have been quite young mikko
  8. Thanks Christophe, hm, maybe an additional information (the last I have - wanted to keep it to see whether someone hits the name straight...). The seller told that him was told (and maybe so on...) that the guy was Oblt Grimm (or Graim)... That's all I have... Maybe a hint? Maybe not! Cheers Mikko
  9. Hello Gentlemen, recently, I could acquire this interesting miniatyre chain from a Baltic Division-veteran. All I could research for my own is the fact, that this guy must have been from the "Sächsische Karabinier-Regiment". On the chain the following crosses are missing: Weimarer-Medaille KVK 2 Helsinki Medaille 1938 The "Sächsische Karabinier-Regiment" was located in the city of Borna. Is someone out there who can give a name to this chain? I will be very thankful. Best regards Mikko
  10. Hello collectors, I got into the possession of maps of a person called M. Ritter und Edler von Oetinger; he signed some of his maps with "v. Oetinger". I am not familiar with him - a hint for you research gnomes - might be on one of the added pictures, it says: M. Ritter u, Edler v. Oetinger Hauptmann u. Kommandeur J Mun Kol 1 G R Feldpoststation 286 (Kolonnenstelle) Who can help me? And who is interested in these maps - it is really not my area of collecting. Regards Mikko
  11. I can not believe this ... why was this his fate?
  12. Nowadays it is almost impossible to be 50 years at the same employer...but yearly in the 20th century, why not.
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