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  1. Yes it is still there but I have brought it. It had a byer so I needed to offer more for it.
  2. P.S. just brought it for 160 euro and I think its worth every cent
  3. Hi people, Does anyone knows hom much this medal 4th type -silver medal with crovn- is worth with original document? I see that documents are very rear and hard to find. Thanks Milos
  4. Nice peace! Thanks for sharing. What is the main difference between 4th and 5th class..size or ...?
  5. Thanks Radmilo. So small medal of Obilic is higher rank than bigger medal?
  6. Thanks. I really do not know what is the reason for such a schedule of decorations on branch but I am almost confident that is the original in issue. One of whom I bought is not a collector or in the business ( does not deal with it). Branch was inherited in family as well as the order of the white eagle and Yugoslav crown. I dont know the reason why are they not included on the bar? In my opinion the person was plain solder and not the officer, so that may be the reason for his order of decorations on the bar. Probably he was awarded with crown and eagle later in his life for his bravery and merit??? I agree with you Radmilo of the order of decorations you have placed. It can be seen from the first decorations and onwards how the ribbons are placed on top of ich other and old so that if someone wanted to replace them would have had all the order to remove them and install again. Last ribbon is likely to be put off and replace with war memorial King Petar 1914-18 because to me it is logical, but I dont know how to do it.
  7. Thanks Radmilo, I also think that on the first place is Karadjordje military star because this is military bar.... I havent touched the bar or changed any order of decorations on it, and I think that the person who sold me didnt also , because he is the grand grand son of the person, and he doesnt care for this things. He also sold me white eagle with swords and yugoslav crown 5. I am new in this but I have desire to collect my country medals just to have something for my sons (3years+) who are born in England. This is my colection:
  8. Hello, I have this medal bar for almost a year and still not 100% sure which one should be on the first place. It is as u can see original old bar, so I was wondering if you people know someboady in England who can repair it....(shop or some private bussiness)? P.S. by the medals u can see that this persone was a great hero and very brave.
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