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    A great conditioned ZF-12 maxim scope case. As you can see from the photos there are no issues with this piece. This case was adapted from a FG-03 binocular case and blocked to hold the ZF-12 scope. Perfect for the MG soldier display as the case with a scope in it would be too heavy to suspend from a belt. $300 including shipping within USA. Foreign shipping per buyer's decision and cost. OBO. Paypal or personal check. Jeff Noll at nopubl@earthlink.net.


  2. Here is my Bavarian Hauptmann's tunic which belonged to Franz Geßsslein He was part of the 9th Bayerisches Infanterie-Regiment for the duration of the war. He is well documented in period Rank Lists and the Bavarian Honor Book. He was promoted Leutnant 27 February 1896, Oberleutnant 08 March 1905, Hauptmann 03 March 1911, and Major 14 December 1917. This bluse was presumably his last before promotion as tailor label is dated 1917. His promotion to Major would have necessitated replacement of the present boards. The bluse’s tailor was located in Würtzburg and Franz Geßlein's 9th Bavarian Infantry Regiment also garrisoned in Würtzburg. He survived the war and was still alive in 1926. The tunic is in wonderful condition. I especially like the Bavarian ribbon around the collar.
  3. In support Bayern's comments this tunic has the enlisted type Bluse liner and the wool is very coarse. Hardly private purchase quality doeskin. Seems like whoever made this tunic for the depot also made enlisted ones. I will reiterate I can find no signs of alteration or modifications.
  4. Chris, This was never an enlisted tunic. I haven't had it off the torso for years and don't remember if it has a solbuch pocket but the tunic was made without any holes for belt ramps. Besides the obvious officer's collar there are also hooks on the skirt. Jeff
  5. Here is a quite rare M15 Officer's bluse. This one is marked "B.A.I." and dated 1917. Shoulder boards are subdued lieutenant's numbered "43". This is not a converted enlisted model but rather one made as an officer's. I understand that officer's in the field did not always have access to private tailors to purchase replacement uniforms but they could purchase one from their Clothing Depot.
  6. Bayerisches 9th Infanterie-Regiment Hauptmann Franz Geßlein’s Bluse
  7. Here is my 3rd Garde Grenadier Regiment tunic. B.A.G. marked and dated 1917.
  8. I have still been unable to find a photograph of KLM officer. Surely, someone has one.
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