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  1. I just got the Urnukh's book "The Orders and Medals of the Mongolian People's Republic (1924-1992)" and I feel I must write it's symply amazing: absolutely the best book about the mongolian orders/medals. I'd say it's such a bible for the collectors in this area (and Urnukh is a gentleman for sure: I emailed him for a couple of doubts I got and he has been so prompt and kind in answer me immediately. Thanks Urnukh !) Cheers, M
  2. Many thanks, Rick. Very explicative. On his right chest there is another sewn cloth in a rhomboidal shape with an eagle inside a circle....may I know for this one too please ?
  3. Hallo. Please, could someone tell me what division or what other else this patch stands for ? Also, the ribbon bar is for (I think) Army Good Conduct, American defense service and Europe/Africa/Middle east Campaigns but the two stars and the other symbol on the Europe/Africa/ME what represent ?? And the graduation ?? Thanks
  4. io credo siano le pi? belle parole che un padre sogni mai di sentire dette da suo figlio. senso del dovere, rispetto del prossimo, lealt?, onore....se questa ? stata la semina di tuo padre, caro amico mio, queste tue parole sono il pi? bel raccolto potesse avere. accetta le mie condoglianze per la perdita di chi deve essere senz'altro stato un grande uomo: onore al merito ! P.S. I beg your pardon, folks, but I was not so able to tell Enzo, in english, what I did want to tell him. Sorry.
  5. yes i saw something like that but only for gold medal 'al valor militare' awarded
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