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  1. in that case, what do WWI period stars look like? Differences in construction?
  2. Hello all, After noting significant variation in style and quality, Im hoping someone can provide some information on determining period/date on Italian rank stars.
  3. Hello All, Might anyone have an original example for examination purposes?
  4. someone else suggested French, but you make a good point!
  5. Hi All, I recently acquired this Genie shako plate and am curious about the numeral, which is Roman rather than the Arabic type I’ve observed heretofore. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  6. Hello All, can anyone confirm French origin on this badge? Thanks!
  7. Hello All, recently acquired this tank badge. Completely stumped regarding origin. Anyone recognize it?
  8. Hi All, I just acquired a Third Reich w.b. with a broken catch. I have a question or two before even considering a restoration and would really appreciate it if one of the w.b. guys could drop a PM my way. Thanks in advance! Mark~
  9. Excellent stuff!! Thanks a million! Looks like he died young, sadly. Am I reading that last bit right? “Mother in possession of Egypt/1882/etc”...???
  10. Thanks for the excellent detail. Fascinating... will check for a hallmark as soon as it arrives.
  11. Nice medal! I agree as regards the 19th. A very interesting unit, especially in this campaign.
  12. Gentlemen, Recently acquired this sporty buttonhole miniature OoSJ. Double-headed eagle in between the arms of the cross and interesting suspension device. Austrian? Russian?
  13. I’m one of those weirdos who thinks Khedive’s Star medals are pretty cool, mainly because of the regimental particulars one might find marked on them. Here’s a recent find...
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