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  1. Interesting observation Paul. It was acquired with a large collection of WWI British OSD badges. I wondered if it might also be a Black Watch regimental piece.
  2. Hello all, Just acquired this oddball piece. A large size (61 mm) Order of the Thistle badge. It’s nicely done in cast bronze and has significant age. The question is: were they ever done in bronze for any reason?
  3. Hi All, I thought trying to translate cursive French was problematic... then I met cursive German. Can anyone help translate the general details for this soldier? Many thanks!
  4. So... restoration becomes a bit more acceptable under certain circumstances (in this case, if the right donor medal was found from which to salvage the correct pin...). Seems reasonable. That brings up another question: Field repairs. I’d imagine EK 1s occasionally fell victim to the rigors of the trench lifestyle and it seems that some recipients might have been reluctant to discard a damaged award, especially if it was an extra quality piece or one received as a gift from family, etc. Are there any provenanced field repaired examples recorded?
  5. Hello All... Merry Christmas & happy New Year! Having recently acquired a very nice but damaged 1914 EK 1st, several lines of questioning presented themselves. The obvious pragmatic one being is there someone around who specializes in the repair of EKs? Of course, the nature of the repair and subsequent costs Involved may far outstrip the commercial value of the medal, barring any other historical, intrinsic or sentimental value it may have for its current caretaker. The more philosophical question being is it appropriate or perhaps in the minds of some collectors “ethical” to affect a repair to these medals? In my experience with antique swords, it seems to boil down to two approaches: one being the “never alter anything as to do so will destroy its historic value” and the other being “repair/restore is ok as long as it’s being done for the right reasons “. I thought it would be interesting to run throw this topic into the water to see what bites at it! Looking forward to hearing what others think...
  6. Firstly, Merry Christmas all... 🎄 Secondly, as I occasionally encounter damaged Iron Crosses - and in some cases either the Cross is too nice to pass up despite the damage (or priced so low it’s impossible to ignore), I was wondering if there is someone out there who specializes in proper restoration of these awards?
  7. in that case, what do WWI period stars look like? Differences in construction?
  8. Hello all, After noting significant variation in style and quality, Im hoping someone can provide some information on determining period/date on Italian rank stars.
  9. Hello All, Might anyone have an original example for examination purposes?
  10. someone else suggested French, but you make a good point!
  11. Hi All, I recently acquired this Genie shako plate and am curious about the numeral, which is Roman rather than the Arabic type I’ve observed heretofore. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  12. Hello All, can anyone confirm French origin on this badge? Thanks!
  13. Hello All, recently acquired this tank badge. Completely stumped regarding origin. Anyone recognize it?
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