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  1. I love these second pattern seven wheelers Jan and your's is a real beauty It has the perfect bronze coloration as far as I'm concerned!Jeez...do PAB's show up in your mail every day of the week? Dan
  2. Congratulations Greg... you lucky bugger! I did see it on the WAF but I certainly don't mind seeing this badge one more time. I think only you and Philippe and Skip own one of these rare PAB's that I know of. Maybe Jan will post one now @ Jan..very nice bronze HA badge..hard to find these with much finish left...here's mine but unfortunately someone has applied some type of clearcoat to the reverse.Anybody know how to remove it without damaging the finish? Dan
  3. IMO ....The reverse of this PAB is about as bad as they come Jan
  4. Another bronze AS in triangle...believe it or not but I have 37 PAB's but still no bronze AS in triangle These guys are easy to find but hard to get one with an acceptable finish. I also have a silver cupal Assmann Jan with about the same amount of finish as yours...nice badges. Dan
  5. I found two PAB's in my fake files that have the gap between the tank and swaz, but the pictures are not very good so I can't really see the grass pattern very well.I believe these were both found to be fakes on the WAF . . Dan
  6. Looks like Winkler picked up the last of these babies Greg...he must have about ten or so on his website! Glad I got mine before the price went over 150.00 euro's Dan
  7. THe grass pattern does not match my two S&L PAB's and yours is much heavier too! My bronze weights in at 29.86 grams however the measurements are very close. I agree with Don on this one considering the gap between the tank and Swaz and the mm stamp. Dan
  8. The last one you posted Jan is a Hobacher PAB ..I have one just like it! Dan
  9. @Jan...I would agree that your badge is a Wurster. @ Greg...my silver RRS is with the more detailed grass area. Dan
  10. @Jan...well there are three PAB's I wish I had in my collection The AS in triangle is in great shape and the Hymmen and RRS are rare for sure! @Greg...is that a new silver RRS badge?My silver RRS has talons.. unlike yours and Jans. Dan
  11. Sorry battlecat but that's one very bad PAB IMO...although I will admit it's the first time I have seen this type of fake badge..it's also quite possibly the worst one I have ever seen. Could you post a complete scan of the reverse? Dan
  12. [attachmentid=55918]A very unusual Daisy for sure Greg...I just added my first Porsche PAB to my collection although some of you guys have already seen it on the WAF. Dan
  13. Is it just me or are #14( Jan's ) and #17 (Bob's )the same badge? Dan
  14. That is the nicest bronze RK PAB I have ever seen Jan! Great find! Dan
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