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  1. William was my grandfather but I don't remember him well he died in 1961
  2. Sadly no photo of Joseph. I do have one of his son William in uniform. I'm not computer savvy so i will get one of my kids to post the picture soon as possible
  3. Hi I am josephs great granddaughter to answer the question about his widow and the 3 children. Louisa was given a job cleaning the police station at Bow Street and the pension enabled her to educate the 2 boys Albert and William and her daughter Florence .William grew up and became a police officer in Brighton
  4. I am the greatgrand daughter of pc Joseph Daniels whn died in 1892 and was entitled to the 1887 jubilee medal. I wonder if anyone knows where it is ? I have just started my search about Joseph can anyone help? Please Thankyou
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