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  1. Wow...these forums never cease to amaze me with the wealth of knowledge you guys have ....thanks to all for the Info...much appreciated
  2. Hello. I was wondering if anyone could Identify this medal I recently found in a box full of old bits n' pieces. I am presuming its German, so please forgive me if its not the correct place to post this question.
  3. Hello Kevin. thanks very much for your most helpful reply. I will post photographs very soon in the relevant section. best wishes Bernie
  4. Hello everyone, please forgive me if I have put this message in the wrong place. I have recently been bequeathed military items which I have been told are very old. How do I go about finding out about them. I have some jackets and helmets and an old gun which I believe is called a musket. Any help with the Items would be much appreciated. Sorry I am pretty new to this, so please accept my apologies in advance. thanks bernie
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