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  1. Willem Drees received the Medal of Freedom for aiding allied pilots. His dossier can be requested here; https://catalog.archives.gov/id/38975792
  2. Does anyone have access to the book; "Awards of the US Army DSM, 1942-1969" Does anyone know any other way to research a possible DMS award to a Dutch national during ww2?
  3. I'm not sure yet. Working on this part. I managed to locate and buy all the medals needed. What was the source you had for the badges?
  4. I am not completely sure about his rank yet. His grandson has send me some information including scans his Wehrmacht Soldbuch!!! And his British pay book!! He was captured in Monte Casino and somehow managed to joining the free Polish forces without much problems! he ended the war as a driver of a Sherman Tank in Africa! I would like more info about the source you mentioned!
  5. Thank you! This veteran lives close to me. He has lost all his medals . I already have an original British war Medal unnamed and a original British 1939-45 Star unnamed. I want to chase up the other medals and have them court mounted for him as a gift!
  6. What might help, this gentlemen was in the 15th Poznań Uhlans Regiment
  7. Please post only in English and with pictures relevant to the subject.
  8. Van Wielik is no longer active. Try a firm like Bovomed.
  9. mr. Superman at his 80st birthday party last january.
  10. Meet my friend Lt Colonel Harold Wallace Dee MBE who passed away in 2013. Lt Colonel Geordie Dee was a true soldier! He served more than 50 years in the British Army. A few years ago he send me a list of his medals. Together they give a good overview of his military carrier. He fought and served in many wars and theatres of operations. During the Second World War he joined the Home Defence at the age of 15. In 1944 he enrolled into the No. 6 Commandos. In the Netherlands he saw (among other places) action in the Osen (Bell Island) river crossing near Roermond. His uni
  11. Some information from my archive. The Dutch MOD allowes the wearing of this medal!
  12. Enclosed you will find a picture of the medalbar of a Dutch retired Air Force Colonel. He worked as a military attaché in Estonia. 1- Award for Honorable Prolonged Service as Officer - The Netherlands 2- Cross for the Four Day Marches - The Netherlands 3 - Cross of Merit of the Estonian Minister of Defense - Republic of Estonia 4 - Medal of Merit of the Estonian Minister of Defense - Republic of Estonia 5 - Medal of Honourable Merit for Contribution to Armed Forces Development - Republic of Latvia
  13. I was contacted by an gentlemen who received the baton/insignia in the picture as a gift from a military veteran. The veteran told him that it was part of a medal. At this time the veteran was a French Concorde Pilot. Could it be an on-official baton related to the Medaille Militaire? Could there be an French Foreign legion connection?
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