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  1. Hi Blackcowboy. I understand, except one thing. A honorific member à la suite of a regiment had the right to wear its uniform, but which military rank? Oberst? As I knew, a German regiment had always a real Oberst, and could have a honorific Oberst (a Chef). An à la suite member had also the rank of Oberst in the regiment? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello Dave. Could you explain me the difference between being Chef of a Regiment, and being à la suite? The Chef was a kind of honorific Colonel, and à la suite is not linked with a concrete grade? Thanks for your help.
  3. Hello Carol. Could you explain us what are the differences between 1917 and 1938 versions of this awards? Thanks.
  4. Yes, very interesting. From my point of view, the most prestigious order must be the least awarded: the Order of the Crown.
  5. Hello friends. The Military Order of Merit was theoretically the main military decoration of the Kingdom of Württemberg. And, after her, the Order of the Crown and the Friedrich Order. But if we look at the numbers, we see that between 1914 and 1918 the Order of the Crown was much more exclusive and was granted in much smaller quantities than the Military Merit Order. In fact, Military Merit Order seems to be a relatively common decoration, if we compare it with Prussian Pour le Merite, Saxon Saint Heinrich, Bavarian Max-Joseph or Friedrich Carl Order from Baden. So, my question is: what was hierarchically the first military decoration in the Württemberg system? The Order of the Crown or the Military Merit Order? Thanks for any help or answer.
  6. Hello, dear friend.

    I wonder if the Order of the White Rose (Knight Cross) is still avaiable for sale.
    Greetings from Spain,
  7. Perhaps this question is too obvious or simple, but I don't quite understand: If the Principality of Hohenzollern (Sigmaringen and Hechingen) ceased to exist as an independent state in 1850, who legally awarder the Princely Hohenzollern House Order? The former sovereing Prince (his sucesor, I mean), the Prussian Sate...? If it was granted by the former sovereign prince, why was a legal military decoration? The princes of missing German states (Hanover, Hesse-Kassel, Nassau, mediated ancient families...) had their orders and decorations, but none was "legal" or official. Why the Princely Hohenzollern House Order itself was an official award? Thank you very much for any answers or help.
  8. Hello friends. Do you know how many times the Order of the Prussian Crown was granted during World War I? I think the Order of the Red Eagle was awarded only 116 times.
  9. Hi friends. I need help on the identification of the decorations of Admiral Adolf von Trotha. As I can see: 1. Iron Cross 2nd class 2. Hohenzollern House Order Knight cross with Swords 3. Red Eagle Order with Crown and Swords. 4th or 3rd class? 4. Red Eagle Order with Crown and Swords on the Ring. 4rh or 3rd class? 5. Unknown cross pattée. Meklemburg? Oldenburg? Anhalt? Hanseatic? 6, 7 and 8: Three blurry medals. I suppose that the big last is the Káiser Wilhelm I centenary medal. By the way, what do you think about the neck decoration under the Pour le Merite?
  10. Hello friends. What do you think about the breast stars on this portrait of Generaloberst Heye? I can identify Otoman Osmanieh Order and Bulgarian Military Merit Order (Grand Officer), but I don't know what is the star at the bottom. Maybe Spanish Military Merit Order?
  11. Hi friends. I nedd your help for the identifcation of another ribbon bar. It belongs to Generalmajor Franz Neumayr: - Iron Cross 2nd class - Winter Campaign Medal - ??????? - Bavarian Military merit Cross 4th class? - Hindenburg Cross - Austrian Great War Commemorative Medal - Wehrmacht Long Service Awards - Austrian annexation medal - ????? - ????? Thanks for any help.
  12. Yer Thierry, the sixth ribbon seems to be the War Victory Cross Order from Slowakia, but I've never seen any reference about this order awarded to Steiner. Best regards.
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