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  1. Hello, here a new picture after cleaning the set. Regards, wolfsbur
  2. Thank you both! Yes, the price was very good. I was lucky.
  3. Hello, a few days ago I became this little group in a picture frame. A document from the Schutztruppe Bug and the Bug-Stern/Bug-star. It was dirty in the frame, so I opened it and cleaned the document and the star. Here are the pictures. Regards, wolfsbur
  4. Hello, I´ve never heart it, too. But, have a look here: http://www.dbjustr.de/index.php?site=home It seems to be original, but in my opinion, it`s not from a freikorps. Greets, Thorsten
  5. Hello Andreas, I´ve never seen such a document, too. VERY NICE! Thanks for showing and best regards, Thorsten
  6. A group from a brave soldier, fighter of upper silesia and firefighter. Thorsten
  7. Hello Andreas, a very nice item. I´m a little bit jealous. Greets, Thorsten
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