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  1. Very informative info Brian - thank you ! I wasn't on the forum for a while … or a bit longer .. If we are talking about Freikorps Caspari , I have few pieces from one of his former officers ( I bought them from his son ! ) - they are from WW I and WW II era , nothing from his Freikorps time … I was told he was participating in this particular Freikorps . His name is Rudolf Sies and he was very interesting man - after his Second World War he was President of the organization of German porcelain makers and one of the highest managers at Huetschenreuther Manufactur .. I'm sorry it's bit off topic .. here you have his few belongings .. I also have somewhere packed his WW I officer's shoulder board. best Kornel
  2. Hello Albert and Paul would you please tell the title of the book or show a picture of it ? I'm interested as well , so I'll try to find it best regards Kornel
  3. Peter Meinlschmidt is back in Germany for good , I spoke with him few months ago . If anybody is still interested on his book I may provide his email address . I belive he still has few copies of his book for sale with regards Kornel
  4. Kornel,

    Did you see the Garde Res.Pion.Rgt. tag that Chris has shown in post #347? Is that the one you told me was a reproduction and that I cancelled my order for? It looks very familiar.


  5. I know it's out of the topic , I'm sorry but couldn't resist - Laphroaig , especially 10 y.o. is my favorite one !!!! my much older ex girlfriend ( many years ago ) once said about it - you'll love it or hate it , nothing between .... I can't disagree . best regards Kornel ps.
  6. Great photo Robin ! it's interesting how bright look the helmets ( from the right side ) - probably it's the effect of the direct sun light ... or some kind of light feldgrau or maybe unusual color like .. sand /clay ? with regards Kornel
  7. Hello Hardy ! Thank you very much for your reply , but at this moment ( after some info update ) have to disagree with you and try to explain why ... On the beginning I was also very skeptical and was interpreting it the very same way , but in between did some more research and ask couple more collectors . At first glance two friends basing on the late war structure told me "that's not the one" but after I found in Peter Meinlschmidt's book info about Flammenwerfer Truppen we agreed plus a collector / historian friend very knowledgeable and interested about the subject sent me the scan from the book " Das Ehrenbuch der deutschen Pioniere " which made me sure and ... very happy - soon I'll tell you why . So the 12. Kompagnie of the III GPB was not only part of flame thrower troops , they were actually "beginners" . thank you very much , thanks to all participants and interested best regards Kornel Below both scans from : 1) Peter Meinlschmidt " German WW I Identity Tags/Discs " 2) Koenigl. Pruess. Major Paul Heinrici " Das Ehrenbuch der deutschen Pioniere "
  8. I wouldn't mind to take these shoes off ... Lena Olin for example .... .... but back to Earth - can anyone tell me if 12. Kompanie of 3. Garde Pionier Bataillon , was a part of Flammenwerfer Truppen ? best regards Kornel
  9. don't even tell me Eric ... quiet few times and the worst part was when it went underpriced or at least for less then I was ready to pay .... damn it !! I never use a sniper , but if you participating in online auctions and want to live like a human ... this is a must ! best regards Kornel
  10. Don is MgSs Capo di tutti capi ... so Eric we have organize another mob / gang - just for self defense best regards Kornel ps. Taube I love that painted badge of yours - amazing . I have only one an in mint condition but would prefer kind of front used one - a lot of character !
  11. Thank you Andreas ... You are then a Friese ! that's a part of Germany I haven't been in ( of course not the only one ) , but as far I know it's beautiful . best regards Kornel ps. I have veteran organization flag from Schleswig
  12. Thank you Andreas ... You are then a Friese ! that's a part of Germany I haven't been in ( of course not the only one ) , but as far I know it's beautiful . best regards Kornel ps. I have veteran organization flag from Schleswig
  13. ... I didn't even read .... Chris - was it on Ebay ? Last days I don't look at it at all It was very interesting disc regards Kornel
  14. Andreas ( Dedehansen ) - nice set of ID tags - do you collect any particular units or ... ? Jeff - great uniforms ! Eric - that's acrusher !! it's one of the nicest dog tag I have seen , pretty many are already in this thread . best regards Kornel ps. if you ever decide .... please let me know
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