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  1. Great thought thank you I hadn’t thought of that at all. It tracks with the cartoon nature of the whole thing.
  2. Seeking help in identifying and translating this manual. I did not take pictures of every page but a sampling to determine what it is. I found this in a blown out warehouse building on Camp Taji along with lots of other handmade log books. many thanks, Anthony The most interesting are the first 2 pages
  3. Reinhard This is the Hassan al Bakr Teacher Order. Looks like the better quality version vice in country later production which was much more crude in nature.
  4. A few of mine since we’re sharing. The first 2 used to be in my collection and the 3d is still. 1. Early pin back mounted kingdom era crossover. 2. Nice custom mounted 9 place with snaps, the reverse has writing if I recall, maybe the maker or recipient. 3. Custom 3 place likely theater made, crude assembly but I liked the rustic nature of it. And couple more that remain in my collection
  5. A few more favorites Top was purchased at an antique auction in NC close to 25 years ago. Nothing super special but it keeps my attention. Next is a bear one bu Morris Katz who was known as the worlds fastest painter; creating one on Letterman in a minute I think. He did a lot of clowns but his Asian and other scenes I find most beautiful. Last is another from my friend Alixandra Martin
  6. I recently received a replacement case from Empire Medals, just to house this guy. For the minimal cost of the case I think it displays well housed here. I just like how the mini sets offset well when cased.
  7. Reinhard, Phenomenal collection beautifully displayed. I now have a bar set for me to reach. I too am a British orders guy but you got the goods. I appreciate that they are cased, I think that really sets them off well and makes the aesthetics statement. Thank you for sharing, it’s great to see such a collection well appreciated. Anthony
  8. Another from a local Buffalo, NY artist quite abstract I’d say
  9. Eh what can you do, I agree it’s a nicely mounted set do all things being equal it’s good looking so it stays. Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you.
  10. Red Thank you for the great info and some knowledge about IDing spurious group items, some knowledge I didn’t have. I appreciate the short research, looks like one puzzle piece is placed. Best to you Sal
  11. Theater District Main St. Buffalo, NY Shea’s Buffalo Theater Found it in an antique shop in Erie, PA
  12. Igor is straight up the real deal. His items are right as rain. You can be confident it’s genuine anthony
  13. Sampo still no luck on this one sadly
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