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  1. I absolutely love this order...one of those that I always looked at and was sure I would never own...seemed too out of reach...but stogieman laid this on the sales block and I thought I better get it while I can. A few dings but she is a beauty all in all.....I would love to see anyone's in higher grades if you have them... Thanks
  2. GORGEOUS This has got to be one of my favorite Prussian orders...looking for a 3d for my next purchase in the group. Well done...great piece Tony
  3. Thanks guys...I think I am becoming an addict...I have one more coming on the mail...I'll shoot it up here when it arrives... T
  4. thanks...i like the fact it's got that been there more than once look and feeling. Now don't get me wrong, I'll take a pristine bar as well...but this just talks...so gotta have it ya know.
  5. Just got this in the other day...no rhyme or reason for what I buy except that it's genuine and has character...Just really treading into medal bars so I'm careful to not grab junk.... I like it too because it's not pristine....
  6. Oh yeah Chris...bored to tears...Oh wait...that's me crying because I don't have any!!! Awesome collection.
  7. Gents...thanks for the comments and kind words...the hunt is on. Hey Doc...the ribbon is more dark than light. Mine is a replacement section of ribbon, not original to the cross. I don't know the nage of the ribbon. der General's is darker in tone and is the correct color... If you visit www.emedals.ca there are several in the German States Section that have ribbons as well for an accurate color...mine is much lighter than an original ribbon. T
  8. These are additional shots of the un-named Korean Era piece...yes, the enamel is thick and high on the white portion of the arms...not sure if that is intentional in the piece or just something in the manufacturing of this piece or run... My Balfour is in post #17 and is as you described yours...sorry for confusing the issue. T
  9. Better pictures of the Korean Era LOM I previously posted
  10. AMEN to that... Hit it right on the head Steve...I had the same experience back in Desert Storm even...my well deserving Cav Troopers got the same treatment...not sure why the commander in the field is questioned particularly on the battlefield...imagine how many deeds go unrecognized by them...and the soldiers only know they are diong their job and their duty, and they do it simply because it's the right thing to do.
  11. The oakleaves...actually feel worse than they look...but makes for a nice display. I think this is Bill's picture from the auction as well.
  12. Another shot of mine as well as the original auction (pic by oak-leaf)
  13. Well I took it in the pocket on this one...knowing it was possible and not having enough info...I took the gamble (partially hoping it was a 1930s copy at the least)...well it is I believe (based on some expert opinions) a 1960s copy...no idea what for. I personllly don't believe it is made to deceive...but possibly a filler someone had made or a copy for museum display or something of the sort. Not as detailed and heavy as an original which becomes more apparent in hand. It is not that bad...except the cost and lesson learned. Eagles are not detailed enough, nor is the central surround. The
  14. That is awesome...yep...I am looking for that one for my 50s piece...and a blue leatherette for my 70s 12c marked piece... I have seen a few around ebay and the like...but they go fast and high in price. What type is your star? Is is period for the case? No matter really...it looks great housed like that...
  15. I don't have any provinance in terms of an awardee. I picked it up from Rich Witt...other than that I have nothing with it...it came cased with a ribbon bar and lapel pin...but I didn't take any photos of that...If I can, I'll try to get that done over the next day or so. I am searching for a 40s-50s case for a commander and chief commander...I like these particularly in their cases...seems only fitting to house them like that vice just in a display...IMO
  16. Ralph I can't comment on the "by Congess" part...I know it is the Medal of Honor by name...If I am not botching the explanation it is awarded by the Congress (upon Congressional approval?) in the name of the President. Basically the President approves the award of the MoH, Congress awards the medal in the name of the President... Congress approves and awards medals, Congressional Medals, to prominent citizens...Congressional Gold Medals etc. Not sure the criteria or process for that... The most ornate MoH IMO is the AF MoH...largerst and most ornate...followed by the Army version, then the N
  17. I know it's not an Army piece...and I will delete it if necessary, but since we were discussing the MOH, I saw this recently and took some shots...this looks like a 70s piece...not named of course.
  18. Based on what I see yours is a Balfour as well. The manufacturing variations in my observation (not scientific by any means) basically follow the decades...as you approach the 70s and then 80s and 90s you can see the change in quality and manufacture...
  19. ...AND the Korean Era commander badge...I like this as well...but sadly it is on the auction block... Still in all...it's a heavy strike with deep thick enamel...clearly a good quality badge...really get the impresion when you hold it...
  20. Absolutely my favorite US decoration...I have a Korea era commander as well as a Balfour I just picked up last month. Both excellent quality (compared to todays stuff)..both heavy strikes...the unmarked Korea has a less refined look to the enamel but is clearly good quality...the Balfour as we have seen just speaks for itself. First is the Balfour... The first picture is mine and the second is the picture from the auction (belongs to newport386 - R. Lewandowski) I have added it because it shows more of the enamel detail than mine.
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