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  1. A truly gorgeous St. Agatha GC cased set. A beautiful order well crafted by Cravanzola. This set features a full length sash with beautiful sash badge in excellent condition. Additionally includes the breast Star marked on the reverse Cravanzola. All this beauty is housed in its full length case of issue. The inner pad is missing but displays beautifully nonetheless. Enamel is excellent condition as well. 

    The Order of Saint Agatha (Italian: Ordine Equestre di Saint' Agata) is a State orderestablished on 5 June 1923 by the Grand and General Council of the Republic of San Marino. It is named after Saint Agatha, on whose feast day 5 February, Pope Clement XII reestablished the sovereignty of the republic in 1740. 

    The order is presented to foreign nationals who have positively contributed charitable and other services for the benefit of the republic. 







  2. Seeking help in identifying and translating this manual. I did not take pictures of every page but a sampling to determine what it is. I found this in a blown out warehouse building on Camp Taji along with lots of other handmade log books. 
    many thanks, Anthony








    The most interesting are the first 2 pages 






  3. A few of mine since we’re sharing. The first 2 used to be in my collection and the 3d is still. 
    1. Early pin back mounted kingdom era crossover. 

    2. Nice custom mounted 9 place with snaps, the reverse has writing if I recall, maybe the maker or recipient. 

    3. Custom 3 place likely theater made, crude assembly but I liked the rustic nature of it. 




    And couple more that remain in my collection 



  4. A few more favorites

    Top was purchased at an antique auction in NC close to 25 years ago. Nothing super special but it keeps my attention. 

    Next is a bear one bu Morris Katz who was known as the worlds fastest painter; creating one on Letterman in a minute I think. He did a lot of clowns but his Asian and other scenes I find most beautiful. 

    Last is another from my friend Alixandra Martin





  5. From Wikipedia:

    The National Security Medal is a decoration of the United States of America officially established by President Harry S. Truman in Executive Order 10431 of January 19, 1953. The medal was originally awarded to any person, without regard to nationality, for distinguished achievement or outstanding contribution on or after July 26, 1947, in the field of intelligence relating to the national security of the United States.[1]

    On October 2, 2015, President Barack Obama amended Executive Order 10431 to award the medal to any person, without regard to nationality, including members of the Armed Forces of the United States, for distinguished achievement or outstanding contribution made on or after July 26, 1947, in the field of national security through either exceptionally meritorious service performed in a position of high responsibility or through an act of heroism requiring personal courage of a high degree and complete disregard of personal safety.[2] Two additional sections were added to the original order. First, any individual may recommend a potential recipient as a candidate for the award to the Executive Secretary of the National Security Council. Second, if the Executive Secretary of the National Security Council determines that the medal is warranted and following approval by the President, the Executive Secretary shall notify the Office of the Director of National Intelligence who will then process the award recommendation, prepare the medal and deliver it to the National Security Council for presentation to the recipient.

    The National Security Medal is authorized to both civilians and personnel of the United States military and is an authorized decoration for display on active duty uniforms of the United States armed forces. In such cases, the National Security Medal is worn after all U.S. military personal decorations and unit awards and before any military campaign/service awards and foreign decorations

    I've always been a fan of this medal since I was a young collector. The design was always striking and unique to me, even along side the best military decorations. While I am not necessarily a collector of civilian awards, I couldn't pass this guy up when I had the chance. I believe this is a first strike version based on information in Ron Fischer's OMSA monograph on the medal. The area below the tail feathers is cut out vice attached and has a much deeper brushed finish vice the higher polish on newer versions.



  6. I've owned this for close to 10 years. I bought it from a well respected collector whom I trust. I know it is a post war version ca. 1920s based on the accompanying letter from  S.G. “Yash” Yasinitsky. It's unmarked but based on the details and design elements is believed to be made by Wagner. The cravat is a contemporary or WW2 replacement I believe but came with the badge. 

    I'm soliciting your thoughts and discussion to solidify background. I'd like to find it a new home but also want to vet it out so it's all above board and you guys have vastly more knowledge than me.

    Thank you as always









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