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  1. Hugh absolutely I agree the foreign decorations you would think would make it easier to trace. I haven't really put a lot of time into it recently but have been wanting to get back into the research aspect of it 

    I appreciate the input it give me a starting point to think about

  2. An under-appreciated medal IMO, and a particularly eye catching medal as well. I have recently seen one in a mini group and have the luck of a custom ribbon set with one as well. While mostly awarded to civilians serving on draft boards (most of the time without pay) there were also awards made to flag level officers who established and/or supervised draft boards.

  3. A little bit of information from the auction for his full size and mini bar

    Arthur Hugh Bell was born at Hampstead 16/041878. Educated at Charterhouse starting in the Oration Quarter 1891. RMA Woolwich. 2/Lt Royal Engineers 23/03/1898 Lieut RE 14/02/1901 Capt RE 25/03/1907 Major RE 30/10/1914 Lt Col RE 06/05/1919 Col RE 11/04/1928 Brig RE (rtd) 13/10/1928 Son of Edward Alice Bell (nee Hoets) after his Military Career, became a Director of G Bell & Sons Publishers. He published A Few Articles in a Military Journal. Recreations Lawn Tennis, Swimming, Motoring and Golf. Brigadier Bell was fluent in French and Russian (Army List 1914). Served in the Boer War and later the Great War, in France and Flanders July 1915-February 1916. Wounded in 1916 he later served in the North West Frontier actions against the Mohmands and Swatis March 1917-August 1917. Awarded the Distinguished Service Order 03/06/1916. Order of the British Empire for services in India 1917-20 mostly in Waziristan. Asst Director of Works India 08/04/1919. Mentioned in Dispatches five times 15/06/1916- 18/05/18-11/06/1920 among the dates. He also served in Ireland during the period 1920-22

  4. Gentlemen

    Thanks so much for your comment and input. I have one other DSO mini bar in my collection to Brigadier AH Bell. I have done some reading on him but no requests for records so not researched yet. Was able to find a picture from the original auction that sold his full size bar as well as the mini I have, and so I use that as the only provenance until I have some time to research further. The DSO is gold vice the gilt one in the Gordon bar. Something about a bar (mini or full) with a DSO that is striking to me. Either way they are both great IMO.


  5. Latest pick up

    Brigadier General H.W. Gordon DSO, Royal Engineers. GORDON, H.W. ( D.S.O. London Gazette 1.1.1917 ); born 5.2.1871; died 5.1.1961 Edinburgh; 2nd Lt., R.E., 14.2.1890; Lt. 14.2.1893; Capt. 14.2.1901; Major 14.2.1910; Bt. Lt.-Col. 1.1.1918; Lt.-Col. 3.4.1918; Bt. Col. 1.1.1919; Colonel 1.12.1921; served South Africa War, 1900-02; European War; Despatches. His London Gazette entry:- London Gazette, 1 Jan, 1917. War Office. 1 Jan, 1917.

    A little worn as you can see but I like that fact in this case. Have not researched any more than what the gentleman who owned it prior to me has sent me.

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