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  1. Hi Alf, Thank you for your comments. Yes, I do have other Flag, General and Air rank stuff so if you give me an idea of what you would like to look at, I'll start a thread. Cheers for now Michael Hi Paul, Thank you for showing your MD jacket. I have sent you a couple of messages. Cheers Michael
  2. PS, I see your logo is an Imperial Iron Cross.  Do you collect them?  I also collect Imperial and TR cased medals and medal bars along with a variety of other stuff.

    Cheers again Michael

    1. notned


      Hi Michael,


      Not anymore these days, was amassing a large RNZAF WW2 collection and am now getting rid of it all as funds are needed elsewhere...

      Used to enjoy collectiong Imperial medalbars and had quite a collection some years ago




  3. Hi,  Just read your response to this thread and taken a look at your MD jacket.  Unfortunately, the guy was in the wrong air force for me as I try, not with much success, to stick to RAF!!  However, having said that, what are you looking for in either cash terms or trades??  Do you have any other RAF gear for down load??


    I too lived in Singapore for about 2 years at RAF Seletar.  Did not want to come home but had to!!


    Cheers  Michael

    1. notned


      Hi Michael,

      Looking to sell his entire lot as one, to keep things together you know...wanting at least 500Quid for that lot, quite rare to see stuff to a NZ RNZAF Air ranker will send pix when required

      What other items are you after? i have an extensive collection ( Mainly RNZAF) to sell, funds are needed elsewhere...




  4. Still with US Navy Junior Officer's caps. Item 24 to 30 These are all basic Junior Officer's caps of varying age and wear. All have metal insignia of two part construction and gold metallic chin straps. They are all of early style manufacture dating from WWII through to the 60's. All have white winter covers.
  5. Board 18 RN Chaplain's headdress and shoulder insignia. Col 1 comprises visor cap badges worn by all grades of chaplain. The badge depicts the Monarch's crown (Queens's Crown Post 1953) surmounting the traditional insignia of the RN, a silver fouled anchor partially encompasses by a black silk laurel open top wreath outlined in gold wire. Col 2 top, the cap badge as described but with a King's Crown and of WWII vintage. Two variation Chaplain's beret badges which are identical to those already described but slightly smaller and a variation cap badge. Three Chaplains epaulettes or shoulder boards all devoid of rank insignia. The first board is for wear by an Honorary Chaplain to HM Queen Elizabeth II and bears her personal Royal Cypher in silver surmounted by the RN Chaplaincy Services Branch insignia. The insignia comprises a "Christian" cross over which is superimposed a gold fouled anchor all in metal. A pair of WWII Chaplain's boards bearing the old Branch of service device in the form of a square gold metal cross. Board 19 Col's 1 and 2. Visor cap badge for a Chaplain of the Sea Cadet Corps along side the same badge in miniature for wear on the beret. The badge comprises the Christian Cross and anchor partially encompassed by a round open top laurel wreath and surmounted by the Mercantile Marine (usually referred to as the MN, Merchant Navy) Crown. Navy Training Corps Chaplain's shoulder sliders. Royal Navy Chaplains desert subdued sliders. Col's 3 and 4 One of the most attractive sets of epaulettes in my collection, a pair of Royal Canadian Navy Chaplain's epaulettes. Although very similar to those worn by RN Chaplains, there are a number of variations to note. Unlike the RN, the cross is surmounted by the Monarch's Crown and the cross itself varies in style being in purple materiel outlined in gold wire and with a metal anchor device superimposed over its center. RN Chaplain's OG and black subdues shoulder sliders. Col 5 A pair of RN Chaplain's stole badges in silver and gold metallic threads. Note, unlike both the British Army and Royal Air Force, Naval Chaplains do not wear any rank insignia.
  6. Some Officer and Enlisted hat and cap devices. The first board contents is a variety of miniature "garrison" cap insignia to various Naval and associated Services. The badge at bottom left is carved in wood?? The second board is of enlisted insignia.
  7. Some other, non military West German visor caps. Customs Official with embroidered National cockade and roundel. Railways Police Officer with metal star device and meta National roundel. Berlin Police Officer's cap with all embroidered insignia. I am not a collector of West German civil headdress so if any of my descriptions are incorrect, please feel free to correct me!!
  8. Item 20 This is an obsolete Junior US Naval Officer's visor cap with a dark blue cover and probably of WWII vintage. The cap has a later pattern two part cap device with a silver eagle facing to its right surmounting the National Shield centered on and over a pair of crossed fouled anchors in gold. The badge is manufactured in metal with double screw back fittings to the reverse and is centered on a shaped dark blue materiel field. The chin strap is of standard gold metallic wire braid on a leather backing and secured by Naval pattern buttons in gold metal. Item 21 A similar cap but of earlier production. Item 22. Universal pre shaped beret of current pattern badged to an officer using the miniature "garrison" cap badge. The badge is identical to that detailed above in Item 20 but with the two parts riveted and utilizing the clutch and prong method of reverse fitments. Item 23 Post WWII? Officer's cap with a later manufactured cap device.
  9. item 25 This cap is identical to Item 23 but with the addition of a General Officer's gold metal cap device on a shaped dark blue field replacing the standard Officer's badge and an additional inner arc of metal visor embellishment. The chin strap, like the other General Officer's caps, already shown, is of gold metallic thread. Item 26 A second Flag Officer's cap of identical style to that detailed above at Item 25. However, this is probably a copy! The cap badge and visor embellishment are both executed in gold metallic thread/wire and the chinstrap is of the standard leather pattern. Your opinions are, as always, welcome.
  10. Item 17 This is an early cap worn by USN Petty Officers. The visor is plain black as is the chin strap whilst the buttons are gold coloured metal The badge depicts a standing fouled anchor in gold metal across the center of which are the initials "USN" in silver. This is an early style badge with the initials in an arc above the blades of the propeller and is scured by a bolt and nut reverse fitment to a tomb stone shaped field sewn onto the cap band. Item 18 Is a visor cap also worn by a Petty Officer but of far later manufacture and style. The cap device is identical to that featured in Item 17 except for the initials which now run in a straight line rather than an arc. Item 19 For wear by female personnel, this hat is also for a Petty Officer. The badge and fitment are identical to that shown with Item 18. This hat is worn without chin strap and buttons.
  11. A pair of Bundesmarine Flag Officer's visor caps. The first cap is something of an anomaly to me and your opinions are welcome. The cap has a white cover and cloth covered visor. The visor is embellished with a pair of double arcs of gold wire embroidered oak leaves of high quality and the chin strap is of standard pattern shinny vinyl with gold metal buttons. The cap deviates from the norm in that it has a metal National Roundel centered on a blue materiel field rather than the usual Officer type roundel in gold wire. My theory is that perhaps the metal roundel has been used to facilitate the washing of the cap cover?? The other anomaly is the style of the National Cockade which is similar to the norm but differs in the shapes of both the oak leaf wreath and the badge field??? Again, my theories are, a possible variation style badge, the wrong badge or perhaps an early style badge?? The second cap, with a blue cover is, other than the cover colour and the anomalies described for the previous cap, identical to the previous cap.
  12. Item 23 This is a Volksmarine Senior Officer's visor with blue winter cover. Identical to the cap detailed at Item 20, the only variation is in the visor embellishment. Rather than the scalloped effect, the embellishment comprises a pair of single arcs of gold coloured metal oak leaves. Each arc is formed by seven overlapping oak leaves positioned around the outer edge of the visor. The chinstrap, common to Naval caps, is of good quality mat finished leather and of a standard design. The strap is superior to that worn on the Bundeswehr equivalent caps. The cap device is identical to those worn by officers of the other services with the exception of its finish which is in bright gold coloured metal rather than silver. Item 24 A Senior Officer's cap with a white summer cover but identical to item 23 in all other detail.
  13. Volksmarine. Item 20 Junior Navy Officer's visor cap with gold coloured metal visor trim of similar pattern to the Bundesmarine equivalent grade cap. Item 21 Navy Petty Officer's cap with unadorned shinny black visor. The cap device is of similar design to the officer's but made from embroidered silks with a metal national emblem at its center. Item 22 Naval Officer's garrison style chip bag cap with small embroidered national roundel and gold trim to the crown.
  14. Hi Gus, Thank you for your message, photo and name!! Yes, my primary collection is TR but as things have become more expensive and copies better, I have tended to fly off at tangents, sadly to the detriment of TR. Having said that, I still buy German swords when I get the chance but really enjoy dabbling in other fields such as Visor caps, RAF, RN US, Russian, E/W/TR German insignia, uniforms, medals and flags etc. I have a veritable house full of junk (my wife's description not mine). Nice "34" and my imagination is running wild regarding the goodies hidden behind the polythene!! Cheers Michael
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