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  1. Hi, Some years ago, I visited friends on the Dutch/German border and was introduced to a guy who was into battlefield archeology. I purchased several items from his loft to includ a Luftwaffe Grave Marker. He found it in a bunker under a pile of rubbish. The marker reads Flugzeugfuhrer Uff. hans Muller 3/Erg.Gr.5 (Ju88) geb.5.3.1912-gest.24.3.1941 The whole surmounted by a Christian cross. I am now tying to do a bit of research on the person named and his unit and am wondering if anyone can identify the unit, its function and where it may have been operating around March 1941. A big ask but hopefully, someone may have some information. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Regards Michael R Hi Again, A photo of the above mentioned Grave Marker.
  2. Hi Gordon, Very many thanks for your informative and most useful message and photographs. I haven't been on the Forum for a few years and when I am sent such useful information I cannot help but wonder why? Greatly appreciated!! With thanks, regards and best wishes Michael
  3. Hi All, The equipment case was purchased some time ago and all I can remember is that it was designed to carry a specialist instrument. It measures 22 x 15 x 30.5 cm. The lid is marked "Li S?or 80 O". The inside of the lid is marked "Zelle onen!". The case body is stamped "BLC" followed by a Waffen Ampt stamp. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Additional photos!
  4. Hi, A bit late but possibly of interest to you. Socks were, up to the early sixties, a status symbol in the RAF!! All non commissioned ranks of the RAF wore mid grey woolen socks or to give them their correct RAF tile, "stockings". Officer ranks and Warrant Officers wore black socks. It was the same for gloves, officers wore brown, ORs wore blue/grey. The British Army have similar idiosyncrasies with shoes, Officers and WO 1s wear brown and WO2 and below wear black??? Other than status, there is possibly a logic behind these differences but your guess is as good as mine!! Cheers Michael
  5. Hi Stump, I wholly concur with the opinion given by both Simon and Peter and would only add that as a usually private purchase item, without a manufacturer's name or logo, these daggers are very hard to 100% identify but good look in trying!! Cheers Michael
  6. Hi Karsten, Whilst I fully agree with Peter and would suggest that neither is of military issue or use, the close up of the button strongly suggests, at least to me, that they are livery uniform tunics as the but is livery bearing a baronial or similar coronet and is in the common silver finish rather than the more usual brass/gold military finish? Hope this gives you another avenue to investigate. Cheers Michael
  7. Hi, The badge is very attractive and well made. Other than the central device, the letter "R", it conforms precicely with the pre 1953 RN officer pattern cap badge and I would suggest, not a fashion item. I have a number of shipping line officer's cap badges in my own collection and several are ensigned by either the "Kings" or "Queens" crown rather the usual Merchant Navy "Navaliis Corona" style crown. The letter "R" is most likely to be the initial of the line's title or founder etc. Although I have not encountered this particular badge before, I feel pretty certain that it is a good badge of nautical origin. Although not proof, I hope that my input is of help. Cheers Michael PS, I will have a look through my references on Merchant Navy Flag and funnel logos to try and ID it for you.
  8. Hi Alf, Thank you for your comments. Yes, I do have other Flag, General and Air rank stuff so if you give me an idea of what you would like to look at, I'll start a thread. Cheers for now Michael Hi Paul, Thank you for showing your MD jacket. I have sent you a couple of messages. Cheers Michael
  9. PS, I see your logo is an Imperial Iron Cross.  Do you collect them?  I also collect Imperial and TR cased medals and medal bars along with a variety of other stuff.

    Cheers again Michael

    1. notned


      Hi Michael,


      Not anymore these days, was amassing a large RNZAF WW2 collection and am now getting rid of it all as funds are needed elsewhere...

      Used to enjoy collectiong Imperial medalbars and had quite a collection some years ago




  10. Hi,  Just read your response to this thread and taken a look at your MD jacket.  Unfortunately, the guy was in the wrong air force for me as I try, not with much success, to stick to RAF!!  However, having said that, what are you looking for in either cash terms or trades??  Do you have any other RAF gear for down load??


    I too lived in Singapore for about 2 years at RAF Seletar.  Did not want to come home but had to!!


    Cheers  Michael

    1. notned


      Hi Michael,

      Looking to sell his entire lot as one, to keep things together you know...wanting at least 500Quid for that lot, quite rare to see stuff to a NZ RNZAF Air ranker will send pix when required

      What other items are you after? i have an extensive collection ( Mainly RNZAF) to sell, funds are needed elsewhere...




  11. Still with US Navy Junior Officer's caps. Item 24 to 30 These are all basic Junior Officer's caps of varying age and wear. All have metal insignia of two part construction and gold metallic chin straps. They are all of early style manufacture dating from WWII through to the 60's. All have white winter covers.
  12. Board 18 RN Chaplain's headdress and shoulder insignia. Col 1 comprises visor cap badges worn by all grades of chaplain. The badge depicts the Monarch's crown (Queens's Crown Post 1953) surmounting the traditional insignia of the RN, a silver fouled anchor partially encompasses by a black silk laurel open top wreath outlined in gold wire. Col 2 top, the cap badge as described but with a King's Crown and of WWII vintage. Two variation Chaplain's beret badges which are identical to those already described but slightly smaller and a variation cap badge. Three Chaplains epaulettes or shoulder boards all devoid of rank insignia. The first board is for wear by an Honorary Chaplain to HM Queen Elizabeth II and bears her personal Royal Cypher in silver surmounted by the RN Chaplaincy Services Branch insignia. The insignia comprises a "Christian" cross over which is superimposed a gold fouled anchor all in metal. A pair of WWII Chaplain's boards bearing the old Branch of service device in the form of a square gold metal cross. Board 19 Col's 1 and 2. Visor cap badge for a Chaplain of the Sea Cadet Corps along side the same badge in miniature for wear on the beret. The badge comprises the Christian Cross and anchor partially encompassed by a round open top laurel wreath and surmounted by the Mercantile Marine (usually referred to as the MN, Merchant Navy) Crown. Navy Training Corps Chaplain's shoulder sliders. Royal Navy Chaplains desert subdued sliders. Col's 3 and 4 One of the most attractive sets of epaulettes in my collection, a pair of Royal Canadian Navy Chaplain's epaulettes. Although very similar to those worn by RN Chaplains, there are a number of variations to note. Unlike the RN, the cross is surmounted by the Monarch's Crown and the cross itself varies in style being in purple materiel outlined in gold wire and with a metal anchor device superimposed over its center. RN Chaplain's OG and black subdues shoulder sliders. Col 5 A pair of RN Chaplain's stole badges in silver and gold metallic threads. Note, unlike both the British Army and Royal Air Force, Naval Chaplains do not wear any rank insignia.
  13. Some Officer and Enlisted hat and cap devices. The first board contents is a variety of miniature "garrison" cap insignia to various Naval and associated Services. The badge at bottom left is carved in wood?? The second board is of enlisted insignia.
  14. Some other, non military West German visor caps. Customs Official with embroidered National cockade and roundel. Railways Police Officer with metal star device and meta National roundel. Berlin Police Officer's cap with all embroidered insignia. I am not a collector of West German civil headdress so if any of my descriptions are incorrect, please feel free to correct me!!
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